Harry Styles - Harry’s House

It’s a nice album. The Mercury nod is slightly unexpected, no?

That said, I remember M People’s one for putting a saxophone on piano house.
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Look Harry it‘s easy, have you sucked dick or not?

He gets to play queer dress up for a magazine, wear glitter on stage and wave a rainbow flag once or twice and then go home, gets praised from all corners for and yet people like me who do not identify as cis get bullied, abused or killed for simply existing or even wearing a few items of clothing that do not align with what gender we were assigned at birth or might appear to others on the outside. Usually by the same people who praise Harry for being some sort of gender/sexuality breaking icon.
I'm so tired of this. It's not even about whether he is or isn't queer at this point, he knows he can string this along, get the praise for doing nothing and continue to profit from a way of life so many of us are too scared to live in despite it being our true selves. It's all just a game to him.
Sorry for the double post, but I just finished the article.

What I think is frustrating about all this is he is never challenged on anything. The writer was clearly a fan and moments that might've been questioned are simply passed by. She literally writes this:

In person, Styles looks more like your best friend’s cute, sporty older brother than the gender-bending style icon he’s become. He’s left the boas and sequin jumpsuits in the dressing room, opting instead for a blue Adidas track jacket, gym shorts

Isn't this essentially the issue? His "gender bending" status is a costume that he takes off. She literally wrote it there herself. But its not explored or acknowledged. Later, when he gives the quote about My Policeman not being a "gay story", in this day and age that might be challenged a bit, you know, a non openly gay actor playing gay characters has become a hot topic. People get called out for it all the time, wrong or right. But there is no mention of it at all. Harry doesn't see it as a gay story even though he's playing a gay man and Ms. Spanos sees no reason to question that further.
I don't think he is a bad intentioned person..... but the constant quotes (not just here, but over the last few years) of "exploring my sexuality" and "figuring out your sexuality, like I've had to do" feel purposely bait-y. And then he questions whether he's hypocrite for "helping people come out onstage" but he won't share his personal life. Like, if he actually is bisexual it would not hurt him in the slightest to say it. Which is why this all goes back to feeling a bit like a put on.