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A lot of the 'uwu soft boi doesn't owe us a label' vibe kind of misses that his bank account means he never will have to face the danger of being labelled by society. If a queer person is attacked on the street it doesn't matter if they 'didn't want to label it' or whatever other coy answer because frankly we still don't have the social or monetary power to remove ourselves from that risk. It's easy with a few million in the bank to sagely remind the world that we should move past labels but even if I wanted to there's plenty of people who will ensure I am always labelled in some way, often with the negatives along with.

His brand of support for our community is a corporate 'love is Love' (which like fuck that phrase anyways queerness is more than love and marriage and aspiring to cishet life stages) and it's not good enough when he wants to act high and mighty about our acronyms, our sex lives, and his management lying dead ass about his trailblazing when the only trail he's blazing is straight to the bank
It's definitely insidious that he'd only agree to a Rolling Stone profile if one of his die hard fans of 10+ years wrote it. Even before knowing this I felt the piece had a weirdly amateurish feel and some clear bias towards him. Not that these articles need to be hit pieces but surely the whole point of inviting a journalist in and entrusting them to write freely about your world is that whatever comes of it is an impartial take. Kind of like when you're trusting a documentary maker to piece together their view of you to show others. If the person doing it adores you then literally what was the point except to pat yourself on the back, and in this case just be given a platform to be ignorant without any sort of pushback?
Yeah this is popping off nicely on socials. The queers have had enough

I'm straight, and even I'm sick of his baiting, I'd hate to know how you all feel. The endless fucking wink-wink-nudge-nudge act - he has absolutely nothing else going for him. Nobody should be forced to come out, your sexuality is your own business - that's not the issue. It's his tone-deafness where he seems to see homosexuality/bisexuality as a cute thing to talk to journalists about in an effort to keep himself interesting. It's like a hat he wears.

He's like Demi Lovato - new era, same narrative, over and over.

They're like that person at the party that everyone avoids because they only have one conversation topic and they'll corner you beside the fridge for an hour boring you to death about it.
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I mean I won’t be missing much considering this album was garbage and nothing like the last one. Literally the shtick is to wear the most god awful garbage ever and straddle the line into queerness, yes pun intended. He’s just a fucking joke at the end of the day and his stans need a reality check.
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Everyone has the right to keep their sexuality private should they choose too but when you’ve been cast in a gay role I just think it’s a bit problematic to keep this tired rhetoric of “is he isn’t he” going. I think it’s insulting to see potentially roles being taken away from actors who are LGBT and do have the experience.

The thing that irks me the most is that he is touted by his fans and the media as some pioneer and fashion icon the thing is he’s hardly reinventing the wheel when it comes to his music and his fashion choices when he promotes. The thing is he doesn’t have to face the realities of societal hostility from ordinary people like queer individuals do who present themselves by not conforming to gender norms in everyday life. In the end it’s just a bit of meaningless frivolous fun to him that he can use at his own whim only because it makes him “interesting”.
I keep getting a slapped wrist about this from the mods but I have a friend who works for a big media company and he knows that he has definitely had male-male experiences. This isn't about baiting or trying to say, "here is something i know that you don't"...it's more to the fact of him just not admitting/sharing/being proud of his gay experiences, rather than swerving the question. That's what makes it more frustrating for me to see him. As if he did care for uplifting his fans, helping shift the narrative of LGBTQ issues etc then he would just own it and be proud of who he is. Noone would bat an eyelid and it wouldn't change any of his standing in the public eye. This constant 'over' denial and not sharing his 'sexuality' but then doing what he 'does' is falling flat and seems to have hit a tipping point with a lot of people, but especially the LGBTQ community.