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Harry Styles - Harry’s House

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I don’t really get the obsession with his sexuality, I couldn’t care less and I genuinely feel like people are picking up the wrong fight. Like, in the immensity of the awful, queerphobic and toxic world we live in, I’m not quite sure Harry Styles is the biggest threat to the queer communities and deserves to be the number 1 ennemy there.
    Call me a stupid and un-educated queer person, but hey, I don’t feel threatened by his existence in the slightest.

    And no, he doesn’t have to "reveal" his sexuality, and yes, he can express, play with or even TEASE his sexuality whenever he feels like doing so.
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  2. I don’t think anyone here is threatened by him or painting him as public enemy #1. At worst he’s an embarrassing annoyance. But we don’t have threads on Madison Cawthorn or the Westboro Baptist Church on forum dot PopJustice dot com. He’s a big pop star and he just showed his ass, ergo it’s being discussed.
  3. I don’t think anyone in this forum is “threatened” by Harry Styles. But they’re rightfully annoyed.
  4. In Harry's sex ~love~ scenes?

    It's less likely than you'd think.
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  5. I just strained my eyes from rolling them so hard.
  6. But that is not what he is doing here. That Tik Tok clip of him doing a “limp wrist” in one of his shows is not him teasing, playing or expressing his sexuality. And now this wretched interview.

    I don’t care about Harry’s sexuality. I just want him to stop co-opting queerness. If he feels inspired by something from the queer community then bloody well publicly cite your references, which he will never do because he steals his ideas from queer artists.

    Just look at what Beyoncé has done in her inspiration behind her new music. She has publicly acknowledged her inspiration and lifted up queer culture in the process.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    There are multiple layers to this whole "convo" still to be...unpacked

    1) The comparison of him to Michael Jackson, of all people - Black people are often left out from conversations of pop music bc anything we do is considered "R&B", but even aside from that - what has he done that trail-blazed anything over his simple white, boring privilege? When has he had to the suffer any type of marginalization? It reminds of when someone had the gall to say the "A" in LGBTQIA+ stood for "ally". Our struggles come from that which is part of us, not that which is chosen for fun, imagery, publicity, or experimentation. We die, are excluded from rights, and lay down our bodies for recognition. His expression is gross and ultimately offensive.

    2) Honestly, despite my initial care/concern for Bad Bunny, he does the same shit for the most part. Yes, he has posted about trans people, and other concerns, but at some point we have to realize that commercializing queerness through cishet people is not only dangerous, but it leads to topline conversations of our oppression being boiled down to skirts, highly simple displays of femininity (via undeniably visual tropes of masculinity), "are you top or bottoms LOL, HAHA!!!??!", TikTokkers with no other personality besides their "haha ️‍". Queerness has the right to be casual, has the right to be fun, but when we boil it down to a small, Western understanding of acceptance and "joy", it easily forgets that it is cultural currency that many non-queer people deal in, and even when queer people deal themselves, it often creates oppressive and singular conversations. I don't see Harry or Bad Bunny as that different because they may accept fluidity, but we are not at a place where straight-identifying, male-identifying people should ever be the faces of our movements, especially when their visibility creates those POVs which uphold cishet ideals of how queer people should be seen, consumed, and discovered.
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  8. We can tackle more than one issue at a time and it does not mean that efforts are diminished to address larger or bigger issues. And as others have said, I don't think anyone feels specifically threatened by his 'existence', whatever that would mean, why would you feel threatened?

    We feel ANNOYED. I am annoyed because a man who does not have the knowledge, the coherence, nor even an interesting point of view on the subject has been given and is occupying, or rather stealing, the platform of other artists who can better address these issues in a 60-word tweet.

    I am annoyed, because that same man was casted as a gay man in a movie that will be widely discussed, viewed and consumed. And this same man has the boldness of expressing openly outdated and honestly plain moronic ideas about what a queer man does while having sex, and he also feels the need to clarify that this movie, this one movie, will show it the way it is.

    And I understand what you're saying, however I disagree. If what you think is that the biggest problem that we should tackle is that there are countries where being queer is illegal, let me remind you that this same man just omitted that this is still a humanitarian problem in our present day.

    The most annoying thing about his opinions and this kind 'representation' is that at the end of the day it all boils down to secrecy. You can be queer, just don't say it. You can have gay sex, but don't make it gross, it has to be tender. And as many others have said here, you can be gay just don't be in front of me.

    All that without mentioning the sexualization and fetishization by straight women who now feel just as brave to call us, ourselves, homophobic! It's just all fucking annoying.

    The guy can be having sex with a blow up doll in a fursona costume and I wouldn't give a shit, what I do care about is that his opinions suck and his status hasn't been earned, he's never said or had a valuable opinion since he decided to play dress up.
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  10. I'm not trying to stir the pot, I'm asking out of genuine interest because I don't listen to all of Harry's music: when has he explicitly sang about same sex experiences, outside of one song that was never officially released and may not even exist in studio form? Cuz thats the only one I remember hearing about.
  11. It's been so long since I've been in this situation... usually as the instigator dd. I miss you, booze and youth!

    I've never bought into Harry Styles solo as an A-lister. There's a -- dare I say -- X factor, that's missing, and he's filled that X-shaped hole with... whatever that is.
  12. But he does? His song Medicine does pretty clearly imply exploring sex with men. Like him or not that's factual.

    We accept it with Poker Face for example which is far less explicit.
  13. And you know what? And I'm sorry for the double post, but if at the end of the day it turns out he was queer all along, honestly, he's bottom of the barrel in that regard and his attitude towards all of this should be brought out and pointed out nonetheless.
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  14. [​IMG]
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  15. I won't take the bait. I won't take the bait. I won't take the bait. I won't take the bait. I won't take the bait.
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  16. He said "I mess around with him."

    He didn't say "I douched and skipped dinner and he still couldn't get it up" but he did use a male pronoun so it's not a reach.
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  17. Isn't the line "I mess around with them" and the Larries just changed it to "him" to fit their narrative dd?
  18. Mess if that's the case. I stand corrected if so!
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  19. Going by his interviews from the 1D days, he always seemed like a naturally very funny and charismatic person with some amount of star quality. An ordinary boy with an extraordinary story. Loves his mum and sister. Used to work in a bakery...

    But he's inexplicably chosen to bypass his entire personality now that he's a serious musician, and replaced it with *gestures over there* this.
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