Harry Styles - Harry’s House


Somebody who’s having a high quality version of the singleartwork for me?

Do you want it for your library? If so, this is not technically the single cover - it would be what the CD is using, no?
So I have just watched Don't Worry Darling and I enjoyed it.

Harry was average but I didn't mind him because his role was not that big.

His acting was much better than the worst performance in the whole movie which belongs to Gemma Chan.

I wrote something positive about Harry Styles. Now I can book my own place in hell.

Thank you all.
I watched Policeman and Darling last week and while they're both below average and deserving of their critical maulings, he's not the sole reason for that, rather just part of a long list of things that is wrong with both films.

It was clear that he can't act his way out of a paper bag though.
I didnt mind him in Darling, obviously a more accomplished actor would have been better suited, but I thought he was an ok part of an either way average film.
@Aiden @j267 @JasonJay @lushLuck have you actually watched it?
Don't Worry Darling? Of course I was sat in the theater opening weekend; who do you think I am? Harry was easily the weakest element, while I thought Gemma was one of the highlights. Her dinner scene monologue is the best part of the entire film, and she was the only actor to lean into a campiness this film so badly needed/foolishly swerved away from.

My Policeman? Absolutely not. You will not be fooling me into sitting through that bleak, boring, grey, cop-simping British rendition of Brokeback Mountain.
I hate that Brokeback keeps getting banded about in the convo with My Policeman.

The amount of deluded reviews on Letterboxd that say it’s better. One is a masterpiece and one is… not that good. I actually went into it with a lot of goodwill. But it’s a bleak story that’s been told way more affectingly and successfully before. Harry is so wooden at points that you don’t care for him. It’s like he doesn’t even realise the basic traits of who he is supposed to be playing. Just throws some dramatic moments in to see if they land.