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Oh I missed all of this, what a ride to catch up with and only ever ensures Harry will be dragged more along the way when people post dumb shit like that.
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Sorry - had to.

We love you Ana Matronic! We love Night Work!

There is a queer community in Dubai. And Abu Dhabi where Scissors played. Our crew met a queen in drag who could not be photographed for fear of death - from her government or within her family. When you’re an artist of Beyonce’s caliber, you are also an employer. And if you’ve seen Beychella, you know she’s an employer of hundreds. Doing one gig that lucrative can fund her entire payroll for her upcoming tour. These are the choices artists have to make. Everyone saying the UAE is a “homophobic regime” is right - but so is the state of Alabama. I see a rock fight in a glass house in these comments. Y’all would jump on a plane yesterday if you got that paycheck.
This is just plain rude and disrespectful. Why changing the title of this thread ? This is Pop Justice Forum, not a Beyonce fan forum. I don't like Mr Style, at all, but he won. She won gazillions of grammys,. no, fans are upset cos she didn't win one thay wanted.This is just something between ridiculous and rude. Grow up guys
This is Pop Justice Forum, not a Beyonce fan forum.

I mean, none of the lyrics, melodies, vocals, arrangements, production, engineering, mixing, mastering, photography, art direction or design were near any objective standard of excellence. Even if they were giving him one of the highest honours in music based on its success, there were bigger selling and higher streaming albums released during the Grammy eligibility calendar. Maybe they should do a Best Marketing/Promotion category next year since that's a big part of the industry too

This is Pop Justice Forum, not a Beyonce fan forum.

There's a reason why this website is the colour of pussy pink
I can’t with him trying to insist that he’s not completely contrived by saying ‘I don’t think any of us sit in the studio making decisions on what is going to get us one of these.’
Sis, you literally wrote ‘Music For A Sushi Restaurant’ and you’re up there in your sisters tank top because you want to seem cool.