Harry Styles - Harry’s House

The show in Amsterdam was genuinely so brilliant. He's an electrifying performer, so at ease, completely infectious energy, amazing crowd who were loving everything he served.

Golden, Satellite, Cinema (disco-ified), Treat People with Kindness, Watermelon Sugar all highlights, but most of all Sign of the Times (I was shocked how brilliant his vocal was, time stood still) and Fine Line which was absolute goosebumps. So glad it was an almost an equal split of songs from that album and Harry's House.

Also the live band seriously slayed, especially the brass players. A properly brilliant show.
Dd it ends in like two more weeks. I don’t know how he’s still standing.

People need to get a grip re: throwing shit on stage. I hope each of these people are charged - it’s literally assault.
It IS assault. How would these pricks like it if someone turned up to where they were working and threw something in their eye?
Oh wow. This album campaign has somehow felt simultaneously way too long and completely uneventful?
It’s felt like the televised/online promo was lighter this time around. He probably didn’t need to do much with how well received Fine Line was commercially 2 and half years earlier.
I'm confused about it being Daylight but the Satellite video combined with the tour made it another top 20 hit for him so I completely get why they are still trying. It's nice to feel the campaign isn't done when the album is out like 95% of everything else.
Daylight music video out tomorrow at 12 PM EST:

Eh, I like the song but it being a low key one combined with such a low energy video just doesn’t make for an exciting watch. Combined with the fact he’s been rocking the completely same aesthetics since like the Fine Line release make the whole thing tired.