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Harry Styles - Self-titled debut album

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I wonder if his next album will be more upbeat. I could see him doing a 'Moves Like Jagger' kind of tune and still getting away with the "I'm credible now" kinda shtick. Give us homoerotic bops!
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  2. I'd hope that after he's toured this album he'd realise it's not very good and he needs better material.
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  3. Listened to this album while on a drive and it’s really good! I don’t get the bad reviews it gets, except concerning its originality. It doesn’t have so much originality, but Harry manages to pull it off well.

    I think he should stick to this lane and eventually, it will work out for him. It’s been a while since we had a high profile artist like him attempt something like this, instead of releasing basic dance/tropical/DJ bops. Not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s refreshing.
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  4. I don't buy it and I don't trust it. Ever thing about and around him is too damn calculated.
  5. Sorry to bump- I think this is allowed?

    For years I was a huge Harry fan. I went to so many One Direction shows, interacted with him, have a photo with him...I loved him.

    This solo career has been hard. I've loved to photoshoots. I like the music- but I love Anna and Medicine and wish they made the records. He's been completely lifeless, and a shell of who he once was in interviews and onstage...

    but I just saw him at the O2 tonight and it was really good. Much better than his theatre tour. I would go see him if you even kinda like him. The setlist was good, he's talented, and loosened up a lot!
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  6. I'm actually really glad to hear that... he's obviously always had the star quality but everything at the start of this era was so guarded/withdrawn/flat, from the album to the interviews and performances. Hopefully a lot of that was just down to adjusting to solo life.
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  7. I'd like to see him loosen up as a personaliy as well, not just on stage.

    And obviously the music needs to be better next album. Arctic Monkeys are about to drop another one. Harry better be taking notes.
  8. I've watched a few youtube vids. & the shows are certainly alot better than the small venue tour & have even improved significantly from Switzerland when he started the arena tour as his confidence has grown. However he def. needs more high energy songs on the next album to tour with.
    Would also say that he doesn't seem to have spent much money on the set/staging etc.
    I'm no doubt behind on this but on youtube the Barcelona gig looked half empty but then the boxscore released last week said he had sold out...10338/10338. Yet the capacity of that arena is 17000 odd and Ed sold it out last year on 17476/17476.Its the same for most of the European arenas the biggest difference being for Antwerp with a capacity of 23000odd. Ed sold out on21109/21109 & Harry claims to have sold out on 12156/12156. I never realised the term 'sold out' was actually meaningless. His team obviously didn't think he would sell out arenas on maximum capacity but it looks good for marketing purposes.
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  9. Bring on HS2
  10. ''9th best selling"
    "1 million copies shipped"

    I see you @chartdata
  11. What do you mean? Did they fudge the stats?
  12. Or not.
  13. Explain please Vasi. I'm still shaky on this.
  14. Nothing just that the debut was underwhelming!
  15. Just because it shipped a million to stores, doesn't mean that many were sold. In terms of pure sales, I'm not convinced it even sold close to that.
  16. Yeah but that's how they measure the stats for everyone, no? Seems like most people are lucky to reach 1M even in SPS these days so props to him. His streaming is kind of poor, though. That will probably really affect his next album.
  17. I think they base certifications on how many copies are shipped but those bestseller lists are usually based on actual sales/streams.
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  18. All these chart Twitter accounts seemingly spew numbers and words at will then. I wonder if Harry's PR is emailing them.
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  19. 'Pure copies shipped' is just a narrow and increasingly arcane statistic when talking about album sales.

    To give an imperfect analogy, if album sales were a triathlon, Harry Styles may have come 9th in the swim leg but he fell off his bike in the cycling leg and fell flat on his face in the run to finish well down the leaderboard at the end of the race.
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  20. Sony Music have announced annual revenues for year upto end March 2018 & their ' biggest selling global artist projects on a revenue basis' were: 1. Pink Beautiful Trauma 2.DJ Khaled Grateful 3. Camila Cabello Camila 4. Khalid American Teen 5. Harry Styles self titled.
    During the 1st quarter of 2018 ( Jan to March) Pink, Camila & Khalid are still in the top 10 revenue earners but Harry does not appear.
    Would guess that neither DJKhaled, Camila or Khalid were on an 80
    million dollar 3 album deal though.
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