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Harry Styles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. I feel he doesn't express his comments very well and seems to be vague without telling anything.

    I am surprised they aren't a politician as they would do well as one.
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  2. He's...genuinely unintelligent.
  3. He’s a dumb idiot that’s all.
  4. Right... And how convenient that the "photos of you with someone" just happen to always be women dd.

    Doesn't mean he can't be queer but "only publicly been with women" is not a false statement.
  5. Well... that isn't really surprising to me. Harry Styles is the definition of queerbaiting since day one. Gross.
  6. This continuing conversation every album campaign regarding his sexuality is getting exhausting to the point of ad nauseam. His answers to questions just strike me as that he is someone who doesn’t have the lived experience of being in this community and honestly in this current timeline appropriate representation matters.
  7. Harry Styles adding arbiter of gay sex to his extensive resumé… king!
  8. [​IMG]
  9. He’s so insufferable.
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  10. Harry’s life is that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte becomes obsessed with hanging out with lesbians because they’re iconic and then gets upset when they kick her out for being straight.

    basically suck cock or get off the pot beb
  11. Me watching gay stories about guys being gay

  12. The weird dog whistle tones all over that interview are a mess. Like two men chastely caressing is far better than all that fucking he's heard they get up to
  13. Not to be that cig but also absolutely to be that cig ddddd, and while I am 100% percent sure that it’s not what you guys mean at all, let us all please keep in mind that not all men have penises!

    Anyway, I almost wish he kept subjecting us to his ugly-English-teacher-dresses-from-Desigual modeling gig if he absolutely must but just… keep your mouth shut, please. Like, leave us alone and go on about your day pretending to be limp-wristed or whatever, but don’t make me come across your commentary on any kind of dissent you clearly don’t possess the vernacular for.
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  14. Ah it had been a nice few weeks without this discourse. Knew it had to be coming again soon.
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  15. I've defended him in this thread here and there, specifically because I do think people have the right to not define their sexuality (especially publicly) if they don't want to, and there isn't much inherently harmful in his empty platitudes, even if he is like a Base Level 101 Advocate at most.

    But his comments in this article really annoyed me. “So much of gay sex in film is two guys going at it, and it kind of removes the tenderness from it." sounds like a quote straight out of 2000 trying to offer up a "more family friendly" queer story and think the only other example of gay media is the original Queer as Folk series or some shit. What the fuck does Harry Styles know about "so much of gay sex in film." Because there is media all over that presents many different aspects of queer love, both intimate and tender, raunchy and explicit, and everywhere in between. He sounds like he doesn't know what the fuck he's talking about.

    What's also annoying is that, if he was just presenting himself as a straight man, it would be easy to pass off his "it's not a story about gay men being gay, but about human love" type comments as well-intentioned, stereotypical bullshit sound bites from any number of straight actors in the past. But because he dances and flirts around sexual ambiguity, he's convinced people that he's somehow this expert and arbiter of queer experiences. Somebody (many people) lied to him several times, and told him that he was wise, and knowledgable, and well-informed, and intelligent on the topic, and he's nothing like that, he's nothing of the sort.

    I enjoy this music, I think he's talented, I'm all for him exploring whatever he wants to explore and maybe he'll be a little messy on the journey, but the way he's handled this topic over the years is ... mostly dumb and very insufferable at this point.
  16. This explains once again why he's besties with J**** C****.
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  17. I’m with you on what you say @boombazookajoe , I love his music and adore his on-stage energy etc. But when it comes to this subject he really needs to do better. Im not saying he owes anyone anything publicly around his potential queerness. But he could answer some of these questions A LOT better.
  18. I wanna read the funny and harsh drags. Someone link them? Thanks.
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