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Harry Styles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

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    Just go two pages back.
  2. I really don’t think he can answer them, he’s straight, he’s boring and his music is a rehash of so many superior artists if he was black or a woman this wouldn’t do a thing in the charts. He is so basic it’s embarrassing at this post but because he’s vaguely cute people rush to defend him and excuse all of this, he doesn’t suck dick he’s straight and appropriating gay culture to sell records.
  3. Imagine watching gay sex in film for the... **tenderness**

  4. Right? To me he’ll always be that dude who told Matt Cardle live on the TV he would “get so much p*ssy” from winning.
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  5. I'm not a fan of Harry but this is...weird. Being forever defined by things we said at the age of sixteen wouldn't look great on any of us, let's be real here.
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  6. I understand getting access to a A-List celebrity is so fraught these days that every journalist is afraid to accurately profile or challenge a person, but Rolling Stone should be so embarrassed.
  7. He's not exploring anything.
  8. All I can muster is James Charles. And it makes zero sense. Can I buy a vowel?
  9. Corden girl
  10. Something real insidious about dressing “femme” and acting all not-like-the-other-guys to appeal to straight women. The Not All Men of it all.
  11. Yeah, Brittany Spanos is also a huge Harry fan, so that doesn't bode well for a decent or objective profile, either. It'd be like asking me to cover Gaga or Madonna.
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  12. I honestly hate him.
  13. He is probably going to get dragged in about a decade when his fickle 15 year old fanbase aren’t there to blindly defend him anymore, similar to Justin Timberlake.
  14. All right that's enough Harry, can the Illuminati make Zayn the it boy that wears the small dresses now?
  15. Eh, hate to say this but his fanbase extends well over current teenagers. His music is faceless and catchy enough that his appeal crosses multiple demographics in the same way that the likes of *d Sh**r*n and Coldplay do. I don't see him getting the sudden cold shoulder a la Timberlake anytime soon. *forms prayer cycle*
  16. Slice of Life

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    Nawt Grindr joining in the draggings FFFFFF. The 50k likes too AHHHHHHH!!
  17. Isn't this all code for Harry Styles telling the director he will "play gay" but not actually do any gay stuff. Which pretty much summarises his career.
  18. Sure, but the General Public fans are not the ones pushing the narrative, they’ll just echo what is being fed to them. They’ll just as quickly hop on a hate train when the time comes.
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  19. Good luck Harold!
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