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Harry Styles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. It’s not even a need for him to confirm if he is or he isn’t. It’s how clumsily he’s handling these questions. He could easily just say it isn’t anyone’s business, end it at that, and it would be a perfectly sufficient answer, then go on to talk about the music, fashion inspirations and imagery. Instead, we get these paragraphs of plain stupidity.
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  2. Yeah, he can do whatever. Just shut the fuck up if you’re not going to say anything worthwhile.
  3. As always

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  4. Even if he released a gay sex tape on OF, I’d still be annoyed at this whole song and dance. It’s exploitative, end of.
  5. You don't really need a friend in media to know he's had same sex experiences. He explicitly sings about it.

    Same sex experience doesn't necessarily mean you're queer though and I think what pisses people off is he won't say "I'm bi" (if that's the case) and still is hailed by his fans and the media as some sort of gay icon.
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  6. The status of his sexuality is superfluous to these conversations, but if he's going to continue painting himself as an 'ally' (if nothing else), something that truly cannot be ignored now that he is promoting a project where he plays a Queer individual, he needs to be better versed on the issues at hand. He is at the point where he doesn't need to do interviews, and I'm not even annoyed he doesn't get pushback in the rare instances that he does, because it's very clear he... just doesn't have anything to say on the subject. As mentioned, there is a level of privilege in toeing the line with your sexuality when you're at this place in your career, and when you make it a point of only being seen in public with members of the opposite sex, yet alone when you're a CIS white male, but I'm not even certain he has the comprehension to be aware of that. Baiting fans into 'coming out' at concerts cannot be it, and quite frankly, isn't it. Either do better or leave us alone.
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  7. Yeah, no one is denying that he had ~experiences~ or even that he is ~discovering~ his sexuality. The problem here is saying that most of gay sex scenes on movies are some sort of a antithesis of "tenderness".

    Like... what movies are you watching?

    There are many movies with gay sex scenes out there and there are very different representations of gay sex. His new movie isn't groundbreaking as he think it is.
  8. Whew! I had been avoiding this thread for my mental health but little did I know that it's been continuous lashings since I last checked. I'm so happy, I love you all, you are my family, etc
  9. the tenderness aspect applies to most sex scenes in movies anyway. Plus he seems not to grasp that tenderness comes from other aspects other than sex. Queer people simply do not see the kind of representation of love and relationship on screen that we deserve and Harry Styles of all people is not the one to try and erase what little representation we have so that his movie can seem like some major game changing event when plenty other movies have done it before.
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  10. Asserting tenderness as some sort of pre-qualifier to sex in general is just weirdly puritanical and kind of speaks to a larger symptom of needing gay people to assimilate to be accepted or seen as equal.

    It's basically the same school of thought as 'You can be gay just don't flaunt it in my face'.
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  11. 2 people in love can be rough kink raw dogging it and that wouldn't diminish them being in love yanno
  12. Harry is basically sex shaming.
  13. Maybe he’s been watching Belami.

    I bet he would struggle to mention a gay movie which proves the point he’s making.
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  14. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I will have to live with the fact that I chose to open this thread and read Harry Styles is gender-bending because he wears ugly clothes sometimes.

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  15. So that's why Kill Your Darlings is forever on my watchlist.
  16. He was less tedious when his personality was "I used to work in a bakery".
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  17. Harry Styles is the physical manifestation of British Colonialism’s continued stain on world culture. I will not elaborate.
  18. Bloop. Exactly.

    Kinda makes sense when you realize his audience is largely Gen "no kink at Pride" Z.

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