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Harry Styles

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. Right, but framing this song's success as 'it's huge because his label is paid big money to get it on playlists' isn't factual. If it was that easy, every song would be massive because labels would just pay to get them playlisted. Plenty of songs are heavily playlisted, flop, and then disappear. As It Was has taken off in a massive way because, whether this forum likes it or not, the general public really likes it. You don't get 1.2B streams just because you're in Today's Top Hits.
  2. It's a bop. It's a hit with kids to gramps. It is what it is.
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  3. Alrighty. My original post mentioned Tik Tok and that the record company campaigned to get it on the big playlists. And yes that strategy secured its success.
  4. The reactions from the first screenings I...

  5. He doesn't even have the decency to be camp bad.

  6. The noise that revurberated out of me
  7. A true "no publicity is bad publicity"

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  8. But you just know if he was a female this wouldn’t be the case…. male mediocrity wins again.
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  9. It's kinda funny how critics are dragging him as an actor while hyping his white bread music up but I'll still take whatever I can!

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  10. Claiming victory? Sure hun!
  11. Harry Styles fans work hard. They’ve managed to give Don’t Worry Darling an audience score of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes!

    All Critics - 38% based on 217 reviews (82 Fresh / 135 Rotten)

    Top Critics - 22% based on 63 reviews (14 Fresh / 49 Rotten)
  12. Sam


    The bubble is about burst deliciously
  13. I’m reading ‘My policeman’ right now. Trying to imagine Harry playing the character of Tom is an insult to the book.
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  14. I’m seeing “Don’t Worry Darling” this Friday.

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  15. I work in a movie theatre and it’s actually been doing really decent numbers. I’d say every single person who can’t remember the title ask for tickets for “the Harry Styles film”. Just about everyone leaving the film doesn’t like it but seems to enjoy talking with one another about how bad it was.

    Not sure why I’m surprised to find out that fame and sex sells but here we are.
  16. I mean if Harry managed to sell out 15 nights at Madison Square Garden then it’s a given the movie will pull in decent numbers regardless of quality. I cracked up at his fans actively harming the film because they can’t resist filming and posting his scenes on social media though.
  17. I’m seeing Don’t Worry Darling on Wednesday for the sheer car crash.
  18. Do we know if Harry's contract for Don't Worry Darling includes a percentage of box office?
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