Hatchie - Giving the World Away


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Summer came early.

I just adore how fucking happy these are.
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"Sure" is so fucking dreamy. I had it on repeat all of last month. I like how she's bringing back that 90s sound.

"Try" is also really good.
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I think “happy” is the best way to describe her music. Sure is excellent and Sugar & Spice is brilliant too! They’re very 90s but you could also hear them on a soundtrack of a romcom released today. I love that she’s bringing back this sound.
She is very exciting. I think we need someone like Hatchie, but more than that...we need her to be successful.

I completely agree, we need someone like her in the pop landscape and we need music like this. It perfectly encapsulates that throwback/nostalgic thing she’s going for and it just transports you back to that place.

I’m hesitant to define it all as “very 90s” even though much of it is, but Sleep has many elements that draw from the 80s as much as the 90s.