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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. I keep hearing “Disenchanted”.
    I haven’t stopped listening to this since discovering it yesterday afternoon.
    The way the song leads you in with a late 90s early 00s piano a la Len vibes, and then that shoegaze wall of sound hits, uh, I ascend.
  2. I used to think that this was something I could die for
    I hate admitting to myself that I was never sure

    ok lyrics
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  3. This has been on repeat. That chorus is so satisfying and addictive. The melody when she sings "Quicksand... Quicksand" feels so... late '90s/early '00s Jennifer Paige-ish? I don't even know how to accurately describe it. That combined with the slightly moody '80s pop influence... Heaven.
  4. 'Quicksand' is SO SO SO SO good. Like, favorite song of the year so far good.
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  5. Yeah, it's excellent. So catchy.
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  6. Title track is out. Her vocals sound very Warpaint-ish to those ears.

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  7. Oh hell yes, this album is going to destroy me. That house piano! The crunchy guitars!
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  8. Oh I don’t know about this one
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  9. Oh I like this! This kinda reminds me of Depeche Mode.
  10. It's my least favorite of the three songs but it still works for me. I trust her enough that I think it'll pop in the context of the album.
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  11. Not really vibing this song, it feels a bit like it doesn’t know where to go so just see what happens.
    Maybe it’ll grow in the context of the album.
  12. I don’t love the song but I think it builds intrigue for the album.
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  13. Somewhere in the past year she's become my go-to comfort listen? Keepsake has felt so immensely special since my first play but it's stayed relentlessly replayable in the several years (?!?!) since. I put it on today after having a foul case of the Sunday scaries and it was like breathing fresh air in that way the best familiar music can do when you really need it.

    I've also decided Quicksand is the single of the year thus far.
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  14. Dd speak on it sis.
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  15. New song coming March 22nd according to her Patreon!
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  16. An artist after my own heart. Bring on the album.
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  17. The bridge of Stay With Me is an all timer so she's putting words into action!
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  18. Incredible teaser. I can’t wait!
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