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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Looks like she deleted and retweeted
  2. Best song from the era so far for me.
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  3. It’s great, but I wish the song faded out with that hook on repeat.
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  4. Cause I cant stop thinking about your touch

    Dont stop it could never be too much

    Fall down we could get back up

  5. Damn that second chorus...the mind of a mastermind. And those added synths under the bridge! I'm obsessed with her.

    If the rest of the material is this strong I fear we're going to be treading close to AOTY territory girls.
  6. This is fantastic. Synth-laden melancholy: the key to my heart.
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  7. Another strong addition. Listening to all of the songs we've heard so far... Hatchie coming in hot.
  8. Lights On is brilliant. It reminds me of Appleton - she even sounds like one of them (I always confuse their vocals).
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  9. I like this a lot, I can definitely hear those Cocteau Twins influence that opening guitar, which I’m loving. Not long until the album now.
  10. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Another amazing song; I cannot wait for this record!!
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  11. Masterful! Given how much of an impact she's making on a global scale, I constantly forget that she is from my own little corner of the world. It's such a pleasure to see the self-assured progression in sound and visuals she's making from the (wonderful in its own right) debut.
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  13. This is so good.
  14. Just came across this on Insta via Loverboy Magazine and I am OBSESSED!

    Immediately pre-ordered the album on coke bottle clear. Looks stunning.
  15. This is insanely good. I’m new to her but am so hyped for this album.
  16. She is easily one of the best things in pop. The way all are her songs are surface level catchy, but also full of so many little moments & layers if you want to dive in further. Pretty special.
  17. Discovered her by chance after seeing the album cover on Rough Trade (and loving it) and I'm really digging these singles. Seeing that Jorge Elbrecht and Dan Nigro are on board has me perched too, let me close my eyes and pretend it's the new Sky Ferreira album nn.
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  18. My vinyl just shipped, but I'm still not expecting it to be here release day.
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