Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Like many artists, she seems to have had a rough time through the pandemic - not being able to tour or travel outside of Australia, having to deal with label shenanigans, and taking on a day job just to get by.

So I'm especially happy for her that the album is almost here and she's able to tour it - and happy for me to soon have a new Hatchie album to play on repeat. Counting down the days to next Friday.
I feel like the pre-release was forever only for there to still be, like .... not much promotion. I remember thinking at the start of this campaign there would be more of a push. Regardless, I'm still bopping to the pre-release songs, and look forward to hearing the full album.
My vinyl arrived today... at my parent's house. Guess I can wait to listen to it.

Photos of the radioactive + strawberry shortcake variant from Discogs. Cover is holographic.

Genuinely think this might be my album of the year. Excited for my Dinked edition vinyl to come into my local, in the meantime I’ll be listening on repeat in the Record Store Day queue in the early hours of tomorrow morning!