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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. This prerelease era has lasted 18 months.
  2. Like many artists, she seems to have had a rough time through the pandemic - not being able to tour or travel outside of Australia, having to deal with label shenanigans, and taking on a day job just to get by.

    So I'm especially happy for her that the album is almost here and she's able to tour it - and happy for me to soon have a new Hatchie album to play on repeat. Counting down the days to next Friday.
  3. I feel like the pre-release was forever only for there to still be, like .... not much promotion. I remember thinking at the start of this campaign there would be more of a push. Regardless, I'm still bopping to the pre-release songs, and look forward to hearing the full album.
  4. We could keep this under the covers! We could keep it all to ourselves!
  5. Lights On is one of the best songs I've heard this year. Coupled with the video it’s like a warm nostalgic hug from the 90s.
  6. Oh this is out on Friday. Wig
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  7. My vinyl arrived today... at my parent's house. Guess I can wait to listen to it.

    Photos of the radioactive + strawberry shortcake variant from Discogs. Cover is holographic.
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  9. Has anyone listened yet? What’s the tea? I have to wait 7 more hours

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  10. The Rhythm… smash smash smash
  11. The Rhythm is IT. This album may be the one this year that kills me.
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  12. Oof, I love The Rhythm. That bridge swoops in to lift it all up. It's so delightfully 90s and the video fits perfectly. I can't wait to play this tonight or tomorrow.
  13. Omg The Rhythm is a SMASH
  14. I’m too old to stay awake for midnight releases so i only listened to twin but

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  15. Beautiful album. I just love her so much!
  16. Taking some time to absorb the album in full, but … The Rhythm!

    At first I was unsure about the bridge closing the song, but it’s now my favorite part. That type of artistic choice reminds me of something Girls Aloud (or Xenomania) would have done back in that day.
  17. I won't be able to listen to this until tonight but the reaction in this thread has be so excited to finally hear it.
  18. Genuinely think this might be my album of the year. Excited for my Dinked edition vinyl to come into my local, in the meantime I’ll be listening on repeat in the Record Store Day queue in the early hours of tomorrow morning!
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