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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. 'Quicksand' or 'The Rhythm' are both destined to be constantly entered to PJSC until she wins, I fear.
  2. I'm already obsessed with 'The Key' !
    Another huge moment.

    I'm going to get so much mileage out of this.
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  3. The CD arrived today, and it's so good to finally have it in my player!
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  4. Keepsake was obviously dream pop but she went full tilt here and it's all the better for it.

    I'll need more time to parse individual favorites but it's another home run.
  5. This album is excellent. One of my favorites of the year so far. I love the 90s dream pop/trip hop sound.
    She is doing a tour with Caroline Loveglow. Her music is worth checking out if you haven’t heard it.
  6. Keepsake vinyl is currently £13.99 on HMV, I haven't heard anything from this album, but I've ordered it anyway based on how great the new album is.
  7. About to give this a full listen. Ready to ascend
    It's a little more...mellow? than this album but absolutely worth the purchase. Kiss The Stars alone is breathtaking.
  8. The whole album is great, but I'm pretty sure my soul left my body the first time listening to Twin.
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  9. The Key, oh my lord.

  10. I was thinking this album was a little more mellow than Keepsake. I like the new album but it hasn't reached the highs that Keepsake had for me. It's a different kind of vibe and I think I need a little more time with it.
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  11. Maybe "mellow" was the wrong word but this album definitely has a more overtly poppy vibe. At the same time, though, the dreaminess is still there - the guitar tones in particular seem to be even more Blue Bell Knoll-era Cocteau Twins-esque than the debut, which I didn't think was possible!
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  12. Get ready to hear the best bridge of all time on Stay With Me!
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  13. I feel like there are a lot of commonalities with Sixpence None The Richer on this album? Something like Breathe Your Name wouldn't sound out of place
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  14. Tracks 1-6 is such an incredible run. On the title track now, hopefully it works better in the context of the album since I didn’t care for it as a single.
  15. Til We Run Out Of Air omg.
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  16. Pitchfork with a 6.7, but they're (once again) wrong here.

    I want to live inside of this album. It checks so many boxes. Lights On into This Enchanted is one of the best opening 1-2 punches I've heard in years. The way the melody unfolds in Twin makes me melt, leading into Take My Hand that captures this shimmering sparse groove that expands in unexpected directions. The way she's incorporating all of these influences is so impressive. It feels algorithmic, like she's channeling them in real time, if that makes sense.
  17. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Keepsake is fantastic, enjoy! This new record is it for me too, I'm honestly still addicted to This Enchanted so having a whole album near enough in that vein is a dream.
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  18. The title track makes so much more sense deep in the album's tracklist and after the preceding songs. It offers this darker, industrial vibe to balance the dream pop/rock of the first half.
  19. I agree, this song grew on me while listening to the 4 singles, but hearing it in the context of the album it makes much more sense and mixes it up.
    As expected on first listen the 4 singles currently jump out from the rest of the album simply because I’ve listened to them so much and I know them all, this happens with all albums now we get 4 pre-release singles before an album drop, but a few more listens and these 4 tracks will settle into with the other album tracks.

    First impressions, I’m instantly in love with Twin, The Rhythm, The Key and huge big shout out to the Till We Run Out of Air, these are all my favourites on first listen, I could have sworn I was listening to Cocteau Twins at various moments throughout. There were definitely some Liz Fraser vocal moments on the lesser known album tracks, which I instantly loved.
    I can’t wait to dig deeper and get to know this album more, oh and excited to hear the bonus tracks on my dinked vinyl whenever it arrives.
    Random, but for some reason The Key made me think of Glory from Buffy? This would’ve been the perfect season 5 soundtrack song played at the Bronze.
  20. Seconding all the love for The Key, one of my highlights here.

    It's a pretty dense album in that there aren't many "breather" moments, but I'm enjoying it. Lights On, The Rhythm, Take My Hand, Twin, and The Key are instant favorites. The title track clicked for me when I learned it was about navigating depression - it wasn't really clicking prior to that for some reason. I admire her dedication to bridges.
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