Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Just diving into the album now, I haven't heard many of the pre-releases so it's all quite fresh to me. Hatchie's voice has this almost 80's girl group/lead singer quality to it which I love. One of the first things that's grabbing me is the production job, it's near perfect. Jorge Elbrecht is an extremely underrated Pop producer. I think we'll see more alt-pop girls swing his way in the near future.

Makes me hopeful for his contributions towards Masochism, should it ever surface.
The way this album has so many influences and shades.

I'm hearing Tears for Fears, I'm hearing Cocteau Twins, and I'm now realizing the drum loop in 'Lights On' is a lovely homage/reference to 'Kiss Them For Me', not sure if intentional but its these little details that make the album almost seem like it came from another era. Someone work magic on a mashup!

though my hands, a love so fleeting
understand, I should have answered the caaaaaaaaaaal
I never wanted to- fa-all-ha-all-ha-all-ha-all-ha-aaaaallllll

The Rhythm and Twin were two immediate picks for me but that closing trio has emerged as a gorgeous unfurling to the album's narrative that makes for a perhaps more satisfying end than her debut (and I stan Keep!). I like that she's leaned into the Cocteau Twins influence so much, and giving us this album right as spring is in full motion was perfect timing.

An aside, the title track was the weakest pre-release for me but it really shines here. I think it adds a cautionary balance to the more introspective moments, god knows she can be hard on herself in her songs at times.