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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. Whew!

    Twin is sneaky… With every play it’s grown on me like wildfire. What a heavenly bop.
  2. the descending melody of "Wrapped in your arms all night long" on Twin is one of my favorite moments of the record.
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  3. 'Twin' really gives me Natalie Imbruglia
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  4. Yep, Twin is becoming my new obsession, I felt rude for wanting to skip Lights On and Enchanted just to get to it before.
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  5. This is cute! Might have to give it a few more spins in order to fully digest it.
  6. All killer no filler

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  7. She really up and gave us one of the best albums of the year like it was nothing huh
  8. And to think she’s been sitting on it since late 2020!
  9. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    This is….. a bulletproof album, oh my god!

    The Rhythm? The Key? More like the slayage!
  10. Well I love this album, and I accidentally walked into a DJ set of hers on Sunday for Record Store Day where she proceeded to play Kylie’s Chocolate and I realized I’m a full on stan.
  11. My Keepsake vinyl has arrived! I’m going in for my first listen.
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  12. Get ready to be blown away. She has one of the greatest debut albums. Not a dud to be heard. You should checkout her Sugar and Spice EP. It's just as good.
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  13. I’ve just finished my first listen, it’s truly a great debut, the run from Kiss the Stars to Keep really is a moment.
    Thanks for the heads up on the Sugar and Spice EP. I’ve managed to find a copy of the vinyl and instantly ordered.
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  14. Not That Kind was a particular standout for me. I mean the lyrics alone, "If I had a rose for every sorry that was overdue, I'd have a garden full of flowers, not this never ending empty view." I ask where's her Pulitzer ma'am.
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  15. No reason to go
    No space left to grow
    It’s moving too fast
    When I wanna go slow

    No place left to leave
    No love
    Till I took some time for me to find the rhythm

  16. This is why I love popjustice and became a member. Every once in a while (especially now that I’m older living this pretend grown-up life and don’t have as much time to explore more music ddd), I read a thread of an artist or band I’ve never heard of and find an absolute gem. This album is one of those instances where I discover it thanks to this forum. What a beautiful hazy experience, I love the world she’s created with this album. I’m in awe actually. This is one of those albums I didn’t know I needed.

    A thought that sprung to mind during my first listen: this is the type of album Siobhan Donaghy could create if her solo career didn’t end where it did.
  17. I was first introduced to Hatchie via the Popjustice New Music Friday playlist back in 2018 and I’m forever grateful. Sugar & Spice is one of my favorite songs ever. I totally gushed when I met her after her show in DC a few years ago.

    Also, speaking of Keepsake… Stay With Me has aged like the finest wine!
  18. To end the album with ’Til We Run Out Of Air’ is brilliant. Talk about a stunning closer!! That chorus is very much ascending.gif
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  19. What a fantastic album this is. I enjoyed the debut but this is next level.
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  20. I gave this a proper listen last night, I bought the vinyl over the weekend. I agree with the comparisons made in here, it's very mid 80s gothic pop, I was reminded of Strawberry Switchblade in some places Looking forward to letting this seep into my bones.
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