Hatchie - Giving the World Away

It's a pretty dense album in that there aren't many "breather" moments

All killer no filler

Get ready to be blown away. She has one of the greatest debut albums. Not a dud to be heard. You should checkout her Sugar and Spice EP. It's just as good.
I’ve just finished my first listen, it’s truly a great debut, the run from Kiss the Stars to Keep really is a moment.
Thanks for the heads up on the Sugar and Spice EP. I’ve managed to find a copy of the vinyl and instantly ordered.
This is why I love popjustice and became a member. Every once in a while (especially now that I’m older living this pretend grown-up life and don’t have as much time to explore more music ddd), I read a thread of an artist or band I’ve never heard of and find an absolute gem. This album is one of those instances where I discover it thanks to this forum. What a beautiful hazy experience, I love the world she’s created with this album. I’m in awe actually. This is one of those albums I didn’t know I needed.

A thought that sprung to mind during my first listen: this is the type of album Siobhan Donaghy could create if her solo career didn’t end where it did.
I was first introduced to Hatchie via the Popjustice New Music Friday playlist back in 2018 and I’m forever grateful. Sugar & Spice is one of my favorite songs ever. I totally gushed when I met her after her show in DC a few years ago.

Also, speaking of Keepsake… Stay With Me has aged like the finest wine!
I gave this a proper listen last night, I bought the vinyl over the weekend. I agree with the comparisons made in here, it's very mid 80s gothic pop, I was reminded of Strawberry Switchblade in some places Looking forward to letting this seep into my bones.