Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Anyone received their Dinked Edition vinyl yet? I ordered from Friendly Records and they've said they haven't had any turn up yet.
I almost slept on this album because of how dumb her nom de plume is (why?!?!), but decided to check it out thanks for the overwhelming positivity of this thread, and wow, this is SUCH a strong body of work. Where did she even come from?

Reminds me of Caroline Kingsbury, but dreamier?
The way ‘Sunday Song’ is somehow my new obsession after not giving it much thought…the ending with that distorted synth makes me ascend.

I'm really taken by this album. I ordered the vinyl, I'm eyeing tickets for the mpls show next month, A stan is born!
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The way the songs are already 10s but all the extra ab libs and layers makes them 11s+. Mind blown, where's my dinked edition!?

I’m a bit annoyed at myself for being late to the party when this dream pop delight was there 4 years ago, but then again, now seems like the perfect time to actually discover her.
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Playing the album in Dolby Atmos on a really good speaker made my head rattle and my neighbors probably hate me now but...
Yeah, I had to cancel my Dagny ticket for the night before, too: they changed her time from 8 to 10 PM as well.... No trains home for me