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Hatchie - Giving the World Away

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Nov 19, 2017.

  1. I’m seeing her tomorrow night! Any other Aussies going to her shows?
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  2. Any other Little Hatchbacks at the Manchester show tonight? Loved the new album stuff live, and the cover of Crush, but felt like I should’ve given her earlier albums more of a listen before!
  3. You won't be disappointed. Her first album is truly one of a kind. The Sugar and Spice Ep is amazing as well.
  4. I love Giving the World Away but yes, Keepsake remains untouchable.
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  5. Sure, Sleep, and Sugar and Spice are some of her best sings hihi
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  6. The quality of her output is ridiculously consistent, even down to the demos and covers she posts on Patreon.
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  7. I’m still obsessed with Quicksand but have not listened to the album so much .. have to get back to it
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  8. Per Patreon, a new single is coming "sooner than you think" and she's shot a video for it as well. Smother us queen
  9. Hmm my obsession with Twin just re-ignited this morning so this is very convenient.
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  10. I just came across her super randomly last weekend and she’s been like 90 percent of my listening since then (sorry Taylor, I can’t come to the phone right now).

    She hits a LOT of my buttons in terms of what pleases me in an artist, so many that it feels like she was created in a lab. She’s opening for someone in Chicago next week, but I’m gonna wait until she comes here for a solo show to buy tickets.
  11. @NobodyKnowsMe I'd advise you to just go, she already went on a US tour for the current album cycle and it wasn't sold out so I doubt she'll do another headline tour, at least not until the next album comes out. It will be a half hour of sugar rush I promise.
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  12. Okay this sounds massive
  13. Embarrassed to say how many times I’ve listened to that Nosedive snippet already. Just when I thought Quicksand had little competition for my SOTY…
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  14. It's giving Republica and Garbage!
  15. Is this the start of a new project? I'm obsessed!
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  16. I must admit Giving The World Away made zero impact on me, which is strange after absolutely loving the first EP and Keepsake.

    This new track sounds really promising though so I'm back on board!
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