Hatchie - Giving the World Away

This is SO good.

Finally got a chance to give this a spin. I love it in all it's Cocteau Twins/Pale Saints/Mazzy Star/The Cranberries goodness.

Without A Blush, Obsessed and Her Own Hearts, When I Get Out are the standouts for me on first listen.
he / him
This is much better when the production clears up a bit, I find a lot of it extremely muddy. Not quite sure it ever peaks as high as the EP. Very exciting debut though.

'When I Get Out' is the one I think. or 'Keep'.
Definitely Keep. Befuddled over her tweet saying she wasn't gonna put it on the album and that she might have to incorporate it into the live set now. GIRL WAS IT EVER A CHOICE?!
I saw her at Primavera unknowingly (having not heard of her and who she was prior) and one of the songs she performed live absolutely floored me.

I need to dive into this right now.
I have started to play. I like it so far, reminds me of Alvvays a lot with a dash of Cocteau Twins.

I love that a lot obviously.
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Really a fabulous album, ALL the way up in my alley.

I have been having that Not That Kind Of Gay sweet tooth and this has been a godsend.

PS: Kiss The Stars and Stay With Me are transcendent.
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