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HAUS OF KPJC | The Official K-Popjustice Charts Headquarters | SEASON 3 UPDATE

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Slice of Life, Oct 21, 2018.


    Thank you @RainOnFire unnie. ♡
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  2. waiT a minute... that font...
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  4. Our taste level is just... right there for everyone to see. It's a beautiful thing.
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  6. Just created the official Instagram and Twitter accounts. I have followed some of y'all already! x

    Also can someone help me with the logo? I have no graphic talent so please lend a hand. A simple KPJC acronym would be nice, I think? Or a play on the Popjustice logo? SEND HELP.
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  7. If you want, I can come up with something that matches the Popjustice/KPJC current branding...
    Like the logo in the video?
    It's kind of simple. Branding...
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  8. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

    Thank you.

    Although it's missing the word "charts." Kii.
  9. That's fixable. I could also re-tilt the K. And make it bigger.
    I'm not married to it. But I had it handy...
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  10. Thank you so much for your hardwork. ♡
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  11. He


    This is lovely!
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  12. One year since the last update of this thread dddddd.

    This post has been completely updated with summaries of results and links to their respective threads.

    I will update the Stats, GRAMAMA Awards and KPJC Awards next. Just thought y'all should know. x
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