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Havana Brown - Get It (Second Single)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breaking Heart, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. This is such a grower, nothing on the amazingness of 'We Run The Night' but still potential for a great album indeed.
  2. I agree, it's not as good as 'We Run The Night' but I wasn't expecting it to be. It's definitely a grower but and I'll probably be hearing this in every club I set foot in for the next few months, haha.
  3. Tim


  4. This song is amazing, I actually like it better than We Run The Night.
  5. merden

    merden Guest

    She's looks like a poor man's version of Erika Jayne... and trust me, that's pretty damn poor!


    Erika wins by a landslide... on a sidenote, did she borrow the set from Till the World Ends?
  6. Erika Jayne,
    isnt any good,
    i think Havana!..
    really cool

  7. Clearly you haven't listened to Erika's album, it's pretty great.

    Havana is good too, Get It is more of a grower for me though.
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