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Have Mrs Robinson Split

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ScOtty2oo6, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Mrs Robinson were the girlband thats debut single "Obsessed" was axed before its release but then they went on to suprisingly release their debut album without any promotion with the likes of woolies , asda & tesco all stocking it but the album failed to dent the uk top 200.

    Since then their myspace and official site have both not been updated and theres been no word on them at all.

    They were 1 of the many girlbands trying to become the next big thing , other girlbands trying to make it include stileto and clea.

    So any1 know if they split?
  2. I'm not sure I'm afraid. They had the same problems as Stiletto and Clea - they seem to have no real unique selling point. They're all exactly the same.
  3. The problem with Stiletto, Clea and Mrs Robinson is that pop music is dead at the moment, and record companies aren't exactly throwing money at them, which is why we are having cheap videos, cheap production, no promotion and limited releases. No wonder they are flopping, we don't have many pop shows for them to show their wares anymore.

    So it's not surprising if they have split - they probably thought there wasn't much point in carrying on anymore - their career makes Lemonescent seem like Brit Award winners!
  4. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Also, none of the acts mentioned are on 'proper' record labels. Mrs. Robinson are on a label called Believe Music, who basically are a budget label who own the rights to Aaliyah and Boyz II Men, but don't actually have many current acts; Clea are on a label of their own, which basically consists of three people, and I'm not even sure Stiletto have a record label. In order to make money, you have to spend money - on decent songs with decent production, and then decent videos. I don't even think it's down to the pop shows; if they had strong radio and TV airplay, there's a chance they could have been booked for something like "GM:TV."
  5. omg i loved I'm a career girl, and to think it will never see light just makes me want to hurl 7up bottle tops at any band that begins with "the"!

    Fancy that, the skinny jeans people* have finally got there way- the abomination of manufactured music!

    *founder member Edith Bowman (the devil herself)
  6. I don't think so. For a barely exposed label, they're pretty well known.
  7. I will confess. I hated I'm A Little Obsessed. But downloaded the album to hear what other material they had. I really, really enjoyed what I had hear (Blush). So I bought the album. I love Beautiful World, Falling Asleep, I'm A Career Girl, Teacher, and Survive.
    I thought they would have done better though, considering Tanya was FHM's first High Street Honey. I was shocked to find out that she had had a daughter 4 months previously to winning the title.
    Anyway...the song and themes for the album were all thought up/written by practically one person.
  8. I think lemonescent done pretty well
    They were on a low budget label , they were the only act on their label.

    They had 2 top 75 debut singles with no media support.
    3rd single made the top 40 due to school tours and constant roadshows aswell as scottish hmv signing tour.
    4th single was their biggest hit peaking at no.31 , which is pretty amazing considering it had no music video ever made to promote it and they got no tv slots to appear.
    5th single was midweek no.17 but disqualified for suspitions which i dont believe as their was always alot of fans at signings as by this time they had quite a big following plus this video made most music channels including the box.

    They also had a final top 40 cover of "All Right Now" and put out a debut album so they done fookin amazing , shame they never made it big
  9. The problem Mrs. Robinson had was that their manager was a self-promoting, self-obsessed paparazzi-spawning twat who is only interested in instant fame and instant profit. I've no doubt he'd drop the whole thing in a hot second if it wasn't working and he most likely has.

    And their music wasn't particularly great either.

  10. Their manager also trolled a lot of forums and put people off the group. What a fool!
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