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Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. Hadn't heard of this girl at all but I gather she's a US TV star (and was in Lemonade Mouth which my daughter has watched a zillion times). Kickkicksnare just blogged a new track of hers and I found this video on youtube which was posted a couple of weeks ago. Nice bit of grown up sounding indie pop not unlike Lorde, Halsey or Verite.
  2. New song:


    It's glorious, reminds me of The Naked and Famous.
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  3. It's on iTunes. Cool, thanks for posting.
  4. This is actually amazing.

    And the video is pretty cute, too.
    Easily caught my eye and she now has my attention than she did before. She is oozing with potential.
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  5. I finally just watched this. Fantastic song and video.
  6. Girls Like Girls is one of the best songs of 2015 and one of the best videos.

    Shame on the PJ gays for not supporting her.
  7. Ok wait. This entire EP is fantastic! Vocally, she's somewhere inbetween Sky Ferreira and Betty Who? Love everything about this EP - how tight the production, the big pop melodies, her voice.

    Gather round, gays.
  8. I'm normally not a fan of two girls kissing (because well I like boys doing boys) but that video is really cute. I like it even.
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  9. "Feeding the Fire" gives me a massive sugar rush and "Girls Like Girls" is quickly becoming one of my favourite songs. I'd hate for Hayley to be, ahem, 'slept on'... someone throw her a record deal.
  10. Hayley has a new project called "Citrine" on the way and the lead single 'Gravel to Tempo' is out there.
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  11. Who knew The Stunners would produce an icon who would free the gays with her music?

    Hayley is pretty decent too.
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  12. Everything she does is so gay and I'm so in love.

  13. My sapphic queen. I'm excited to hear more from her.
  14. Hayley Kiyoko is quickly become of my favourite "popstars". She's like an off-brand of one and I'm in love with everything about her and her music and her visuals. An actual Queen.

    Gravel To Tempo is killing me. Her vocals are top notch and she uses her voice so well. The video is super cute and though I'm over the whole ~high school scenario, the use of the five girls v Hayley concept is brilliant.

    Plus, "I thought I was depressed, but I think I just needed to cry." is a fantastic lyric and her delivery of it is incredible.

    She's unbelievable. I stan my life away for her This Side of Paradise EP and to follow up with Gravel To Tempo proves to me that she "gets it". I love the direction she's taken.
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  15. She announced on twitter that the EP Citrine is coming out 30th Sept.

    is lowkey excited
  16. This video is too relatable. Ready for the EP, princess!
  17. The EP is out tomorrow.

    1. Gravel to Tempo
    2. Ease My Mind
    3. Pretty Girl
    4. One Bad Night
    5. Palace

    The previews on iTunes AUS sound great. She's such an underrated diamond.
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  18. I like Citrine very much. It flows well, and there's this sense of serene-listening-under-a-canopy hopefulness weaving through it. My current favourite is "Pretty Girl" since it's so explicitly sapphic and sounds quite mysteriously ethereal.
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