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Hayley Kiyoko - Expectations

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Oct 2, 2014.

  1. I'm pretty sure she has a song coming with Kehlani so close enough.
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  2. OK, the song is amazing. The video is amazing. She's really not playing with this one is she? Having only discovering her late 2017 my expectations are know through the roof. I literally can't wait for the album and thank lord there's a release date. Go Hayley!!
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  3. Feelings is a 10 and Curious a 9. Kill me with the album HK.
  4. Feelings and Curious are both 10/10 bops with great videos. Album of the year confirmed.
  5. Completely new to this girl. Curious is an instant, just-add-headphones jam. I'm getting shades of Sky from her vocals. Just wow.
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  6. Yas come around to Hayley sistren. Some of us been knew and have been trying to promote for the last 2.5+ years.
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  8. - Why do you have my wig so much?
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  9. Well damn this is a bop and a half.
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  10. I have mixed feelings about this album release plan, in regards to it being released March 30th. I assume they want to spend the next two and a half months really pushing this song, but by now I think it should be obvious to record labels and teams that this promotion tactic rarely works in the late 2010s. A month or so would have been great to allow for heavy promotion of Curious, seeing as they’re serious about pushing this single to radio. Almost three months, though? Seems... risky.
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  11. I forgot all about her after enjoying Girls Like Girls but this is amazing. Snatch me a bit with that choreo as well.
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  12. This really is the best part of the song kii.

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  13. Yeah, the Santa Monica line is the best pop music moment of the year so far.
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  14. There is SO much painful truth in this.
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  15. Even the album cover delivers. What a queen.
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  16. With this and Troye, I feel SO GAY right now. I love it. No more straighties for pop stars please!! Homos only !
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  17. Can't wait for my drunken rendition of the Santa Monica line in front of all my straight cis friends.
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  18. K94


    Both singles are amazing and she's an absolute star in the videos. Curious gives me Work From Home teas and should be just as big tbqfh.
  19. I mean I feel like she’s been on the verge for years and she just needs that one song/moment to make her EXPLODE. She’s done well to build a very healthy cult fanbase for someone who’s had as small a profile as she has.

    She has the right image, and the performance ability is there. I really think she could be the next big thing.
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