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Hazel English - Never Going Home/Just Give In

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by HeartSwells, Mar 16, 2017.

  1. In love with the Never Going Home EP, she's signed to Marathon Artists so I'm expecting good things in the future.

    Nothing new sound wise but the songs are so lovingly crafted and well written I can forgive them, rather dream-pop with slacker/lo-fi rock.

    Favourites are Control and Never Going Home.

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  2. She's just signed to Polyvinyl in the US! Also looks to be taking a page out of Courtney Barnett's book by releasing a new EP (Just Give In) that'll be part of a compilation with the Never Going Home EP.


    1. Other Lives
    2. Fix
    3. Birthday
    4. Love Is Dead
    5. More Like You
    6. Never Going Home
    7. Make It Better
    8. Control
    9. It's Not Real
    10. I'm Fine
    11. That Thing
    New song, Fix
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  3. I played Make It Better a lot last year. When's the EP dropping?
  4. I had an interview with her before all the big magazines and sites. I'm proud. Love her.
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  5. It's out May 12th @BoomBoX - not long!
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  7. Another stupendous single.

    If only the shoegaze clique was still alive to appreciate it all.


    Oh well.*

    *I am being 100% facetious by the by just fiy
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  8. I'm really digging the new EP.
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  9. Lovely double EP, produced by the guy from Day Wave (check their latest album) I thought?

    'More Like You' has been in the Top 10 of my Popdroid charts.
  10. Love Is Dead is my favourite from the new tracks, great piece of work anyway!

  11. Now with a 100% more Justin Raisen. And cults. And beehive dos.

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  12. Ugh Shaking is so good.

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  13. Love Shaking!!
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