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He-Man and She-Ra (Netflix cast revealed)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. That's interesting.

    I'll be honest - She-Ra left me cold. I really did not like it. At all. I really hope the animation on this is more in line with the original but... probably won't be if it's in anyway connected to She-Ra.
  2. That picture is stunning.
  3. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    I'd be surprised if this was a true sequel to the Filmation cartoon, given the suggestion it'll be darker and more mature in tone. I think it's more likely that it will feature the classic character designs and scenarios that people know and love, without being tied too closely to any particular canon. Mattel have been pushing a lot of 80s-style Masters of the Universe toys and merchandise in recent years, with more to come next year.

    I'm very excited about it. Telling new stories with recognisable versions of the characters is a lot more appealing to me than rebooting to the point of it being a completely different show (*glares at the pillow fights in She-Ra 2018*) and it also gives me hope that the live action film will be more faithful too.
  4. Any more updates on the movie?
  5. I could care less about the movie, bring on the new animated series!!!
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  6. I'm not really a Kevin Smith fan but it may be a good sign with him on board since he seems to be a bit of a purist when it comes to comic books, animated shows, etc.
  7. I am SO excited about this!
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  8. Tribal Spaceman

    Tribal Spaceman Oh, OK.

    Voice cast for Revelation revealed. Some great choices here!

    Poor Alan Oppenheimer being downgraded from OG Skeletor to Moss Man though.

    Nah, it's good he's able to stay a part of Masters of the Universe, especially considering his advancing years.
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  9. OMG smg as teela !!!
    Soirsee as Evil Lyn !!

    amazing casting
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  10. The voice cast is fine and dandy but where’s the concept art? That’s what’s going to make or break this series.
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  11. I was just watching the second season on she ra on Netflix and oh my god they used the secret of the sword song over the credits of one of the episodes! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it.
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  12. The She-Ra series ended. The final episode(s) was rushed but also a nice ending, and in general I am glad I was able to bear with the show at the start because then it kept getting better and better without losing steam. I loved it overall, I only wish some minor characters made a few more appearances and that the final arc
    didn't have so many forced and predictable "THIS IS EMOTIONAL"/"THIS IS RISKY" moments. Not their best writing.
    I wish we had some sequel/spin-off to look forward to.
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  13. I've not seen the final series of She-Ra yet but

    I'm not overly thrilled that those two characters got together. I'm totally here for canon lesbian characters, but it's not the pairing I would have picked.
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  14. At the same time though
    this was like the only way that Catra's actions throughout the series made any sort of sense.
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  15. Loved the final season of the SheRa reboot, the storytelling, character work and humour was brilliant.
    The fact that Catra loved Adora all along made total sense. I also loved Shadow Weaver’s sacrifice. The only pairing that felt forced at the end was Bow and Glimmer. They should have stayed friends- not everyone needed to pair off!
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  16. I think both pairings felt forced, not because they didn't work, but because it felt they were not properly built up to that point. It would be great if they had the time to show that during peace Glimmer and Bow had the time to grow to the point where they realize they have stronger feeling for each other, same with Adora after Catra's confession. I suppose their intention with Bow and Glimmer was to show that both kinds of couples can coexist happily which I welcome as an intention at the very least, and I guess they would not be willing to only make one pairing without the other for that reason.
  17. eccentricsimply

    eccentricsimply Staff Member

    For me it was a given

    that both Catradora and Glimbow would end up together dddd The two ships were always in the best friends who have feelings for each other to me. I guess it's kind of funny that Catradora was blatant for most people while Glimbow was more subtle considering the first is the lesbian couple and the second is a ~het couple.

    I've been in the Catradora train since day one so it is a given that I was super excited. I understand some of the criticism for how the season developed their relationship but also taking into consideration 1. the number of episodes and how short they are and 2. it's a kid's show, the development was actually surprisingly tight for me. I also think that the way it happened and when it happened opens for all the possibilities of how they are going to navigate their relationship coming forward. Since, again, it's a kid's show, the message about Love and whatnot is definitely there and for anyone who's not a kid who enjoyed the show and enjoys consuming fan content, Noelle left a lot of openings for post-canon meta and fanfiction.

    I don't know, I loved it. Would've given everything to have a show like that when I was a kid.

    And I agree that Catra being in love with Adora for a long time bring a different light to the show that make her actions make more sense.
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  18. The He-Man trailer is here and it’s the gayest shit I’ve ever seen. Yaaaas!!!
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  19. Gayer than Looking and Will & Grace put together.
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  20. I hope the proper version of She-Ra shows up in this.
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