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He-Man and She-Ra (Netflix cast revealed)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. Now that would be a kii.
    No offense to the new woke version but would love to see the cat-walking dragalicous version on screen.
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  2. OK that looks great and wonderfully faithful to the original animated series. Let's hope we get to see Adora.
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  3. Interesting concepts being introduce by Kevin Smith. Hope this is a sleeper hit!
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  4. He


    Woah, it looks amazing!

    Is it from the same studio behind Castlevania? The art looks similar.

    Please introduce She-Ra so she gets this type of show too!

    Ddd his transformation is even Magical Girl like, what a triumph.
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  5. I wonder if they will be taking prompts from the recent comic book, as that too gave more emphasis on the Teela character...
  6. If they have got Sarah Michelle Gellar in let’s hope so and they use her.
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    The show runner said Teela will be a focal point.

    Which of course has been met with cries of “Bait and switch”, and that the show will now be “woke”, ddd.
  8. Is the big revelation

    that Teela is the daughter of Man-At-Arms and Sorceress? Or her mother's "clone"?
    What would either of these actually mean to the story?
    As I understand it, the show is about her adventure going after something to save the world. What about her means it has to be her?
  9. Full trailer…this looks really good!
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  10. He


    This was great! it was concise, no filler, nice animation and it really gave many characters breathing room.

    I didn’t know it was a two parter though. Excited to get more.
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  11. Can’t wait to binge this!
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  12. It...was written like an 80s show. Including all the outdated, cringey aspects in the writing of an 80s show. I wonder if that was the actual point, however an intentional flaw is no less a flaw. But it was getting progressively better and more fast-paced, and I can't wait for more, if there is more to come!
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    I think it feels modern enough. The cringey humor was definitely a nod to the 80s, and it was acknowledged.

    I feel the character arcs were a nice update. I did not know they had so many famous actors, until I started pausing because I was like: wait this can't be...
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  14. Loved episode 1 - extremely faithful to the original show and (surprisingly) took a few prompts from the movie too!
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  15. Brilliant, wasn’t disappointed at all. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Lena Heady were very good and worth the hype. I’m excited for more.
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  16. I gasped when Evil-Lyn in the 3rd epsidoe

    took of her helmet and her long white hair was shown. A look.
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  17. Finished it! Gagged at the cliffhanger in episode 5. I noticed episode 5 was especially well animated compared to the other episodes. Hope they continue with the same team for part 2 of the season.

    Unpopular opinion but I think Lena Heady was miscast in this. She should have played the Sorceress. Otherwise it’s a great show and cast.
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  18. He


    I do not know if Lena Heady was miscast. But even though I enjoyed Evil-Lyn a lot, I cannot not hear Cersei most of the times.
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  19. Loved Cersei in this.

    It's definitely concise and I think that works really well.

    Is the insinuation that Teela and Andra are a couple?
    And the two heroes in paradise hugging each other?
  20. I'm 3 episodes in and it is good but... it is strange there really isn't any He-Man in a show called He-Man. I saw a lot of people complaining about this show and I can see why they might be unhappy. I hope the next part of the series gives more fans what they are hoping for.
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