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He-Man and She-Ra (Netflix cast revealed)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Tribal Spaceman, Jun 14, 2017.

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    The show is purposefully not called He-Man. He’s still at the center though.

    I like this Last Of Us 2 spin on it.
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  2. I loved it. I think it had great balance between nostalgia and moving forward. The only thing I don't get is splitting season in half, no one wants that.
  3. I think Netflix will be doing it more to avoid buzz for a show just being once a week…within a year.
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    Indeed, Disney has found a lot of media engagement doing weekly releases. I actually liked it was not all give at once.
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  5. I wish they were more clear about it. This was the second show I went in only to find out it was just half a season after watching. I'll just need to wait, google and confirm which one it is from now on.
  6. Do we know when the next part is coming?

    Overall, I enjoyed it. Again, lots of references to the movie (which I personally love) so that was good. I wish some of the voice actors had a little more personality though.
  7. I just finished it and I really liked it.

    The creators don‘t really like He-Man do they? Ddd
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    Also, Orko had such a moment!

    I truly hope they are back. I felt so sad after they got ´killed´.
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  9. True! He went through so much character development in just one episode compared to the bajillion episodes of the original series.

    I hope they do the same with Snarf in the new ThunderCats series.
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  10. Woah! This is news to me! Hopefully it won't be as watered down as it was last time they tried.
  11. dddd it’s actually a movie my bad
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  12. Spoilers obviously.

    Didn‘t like the comment about Orko but made me excited about Evil-Lyn.
  13. Kevin is a tad annoying isn't he...
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  14. He


    Yeah I rather not watch him much. I was holding out hope for Orko though.
  15. I’m not gonna take that as gospel.
    He was one of the best things about part one and I loved his dynamic with Lyn.
  16. This is so good
  17. I had no idea another He-Man series was developed. Netflix sure does crank them out.

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  18. Next. This looks more inline with that She-Ra cartoon.
  19. Hehe. With the way the character are designed, you can tell this show is to sell toys.
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  20. He-Man and the sword look like crap, but everything else looks good? It just seems too different, it's no longer the same show. Which is fine I guess. I think She-Ra was much more faithful in terms of tone than this. Like, that show was also drastically different, but to me it still looked and felt like a variation of She-Ra while this is not much more than based on He-Man. I guess we'll see! The animation seems great.
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