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He Never Lost Control (David Bowie Related)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Zarjazz, Apr 12, 2022.

  1. I've shown this to friends, jaws dropped and some expletives were uttered... I can recommend it.

    For those of us that didn't know, this is Jack Steven, a veteran A&R guy who worked with some major acts... he's being interviewed here right after Bowie's death....

    And here is the real Jack Duckworth...

    A simple bit of spot the difference reveals... (at least to these eyes)
    Jack 1 has amazing teeth. Jack 2 sure don't. Jack 1 is wearing a wig. Jack 2 has real hair growing on his head. Jack 1s voice is similar but noticeably different to Jack 2. Jack 1 looks uncannily like David Bowie Jack 2 no cigar. Jack 1 has a totally different vibe about him to Jack 2, the latter being open and likeable, the former, shifty and insincere.

    When Jack 1 says "I actually felt that part of me had died" I nearly spat me coffee out.

    Is it just old Zarj who smells a rat here??
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  2. Jack 1 really does look and behave like Bowie would do. Weird!

    Maybe he was related in some way.
  3. Yes, Jack 1 is uncannily similar to Bowie isn't he? Looks, voice and manner. I wonder what the chances of that combination of matches are, outside of twins of course.

    This guy focuses on the smile and teeth which both turn out to be indistinguishable to Bowie's
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  4. Also odd is how Bowie predicted the correct age he would die at, apparently he had gone to a psychic in the 70s and been told when he would expire. Call me cynical but I don't have a lot of faith in fortune tellers, it's always just seemed like an easy way to part people from their cash to me.

    Seems Bowie was renowned as a bit of a Nostradamus himself though...


    I pads, social media, the internet, online streaming, perhaps we should have been crossing your palm with silver David...
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  5. That Jack business is all a bit bizarre....it's a bit like Michael F....trying to be Bojo's bodydouble!
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  6. What on earth
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  7. Hi hairy, so you're thinking Steven has deliberately made himself look more like Bowie? Put on fake teeth changed his voice and donned a wig... ?
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  8. Heaven knows...
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  9. It's a head melter isn't it.

    For my money Jack 1 can only be explained by one of two things...

    1. It is the real Jack Stevens who for some unknown reason did his best to look like Bowie in that interview, having new teeth put in to look just like Bowie, changing the sound of his voice to sound very like Bowie, wearing a wig to...erm, not sure?, copying Bowies mannerisms and generally looking more like Bowie than he does himself!

    2. It's someone else that looks, sounds and acts like Bowie with the exact same teeth, bone structure, and a very similar voice.

    Both seem unlikely but 1 seems incredibly implausible not least because the more you view those two videos the more you see the differences in the Jacks... they ARE different people.

    So if its option two then Jack 1 is either a very good look alike, a close relation to Bowie, perhaps an identical twin or... it's Bowie taking the piss.

    Maybe Jack Steven would like to comment?
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  10. Ok, Zarjazz got it wrong, Jack is Jack, I'm sure he will be relieved to know!

    He had hollywood veneers put in and seems to like going for the cheap wig look.

    Sky must have known he looked a helluva lot like DB though, and that script they gave him!

    It was a stitch up!
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  11. @Zarjazz - I don't know what's more adorable:
    Your avatar cat or
    Your avatar name!

    Have you been Zarjazzed over this?!

    Bearhugs from the Cubster!
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