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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by vivalaradio, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. It's all about There's the Girl for me. Bloody awesome.
  2. There's The Girl is my favorite of that era. And if you don't know songs like Allies or Dreamboat Annie, do check them out.
  3. I love 80s Heart. They define pretty much everything I want in the rock ballad arena.

    I only ever had their eponymous album (with These Dreams, Nothin' at All, What About Love) and one of many Greatest Hits packages (just the 80s/90s material) plus Barracuda on some soundtrack album.

    All I Wanna Do... was one of the first songs I learnt on guitar and Alone was my go-to karaoke number for a long time.
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  4. Heart (1985) and Bad Animals are absolute must-haves, and probably the best examples of that mid-80s big-hair AOR sound. I prefer Bad Animals overall, but Nothin At All is my favourite track by Heart.
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  5. Oh, and B-side to a single from Brigade - an example of covering Cher and improving the power-balladry
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  6. Love Heart. Ann is one of the most incredible vocalists ever. Astonishing voice.
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  7. I have Never / These Dreams on 7" somewhere.

    Loved that they coupled the surefire hit with something that never (ha) would be on its own.
  8. Both are fucking stellar songs though?
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  9. Never does nothing for me. It's probably their weakest single.
  10. The whole of the Heart album just takes me back to when I was very little and it would always be playing. Nancy and Ann were probably my first idols at age 2.
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  11. Someone do a Heart rate. You could call it: Increased Heartrate.
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  12. I adore Never! I actually prefer it to These Dreams. In fact, I probably prefer What About Love, Alone, I Want You So Bad, Nothin' At All, and Never to it. Even though All I Wanna Do is a jam, I can see why they hate it. If I recall, Ann despises the lyrics.
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  13. In the US, they were both Top 10 (Top 5?) smashes. The "Heart" album had 4 Top 10 US hits, What About Love and Nothin At All being the others. It was only the 5th single, If Looks Could Kill, which spoiled the run by flopping at #54 (this often happened in the US charts with later singles from hit albums).
  14. New LP Beautiful Broken is out today. Have had a listen to a few tracks and it sounds not too bad at all.
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  15. Purchased it today (I can't NOT have a Heart album in my CD collection) and will post a full review next week as soon as I've finished all the many,many rates I've committed to.
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  16. Would the new album appeal to fans of their imperial 80s big hair power ballad days?

    I often think Ann Wilson had the best voice I've ever heard.
  17. I just got a 5CD set with all the 80s ‘pop’ albums - I’ve only really ever listened to the singles so am looking forward to a few Ann & Nancy deep cuts - I ADORE ‘There’s The Girl’..... perfect dramatic melodic synthy pop rock even if the video completely jumped the shark!

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  18. You can't beat mid 80s Heart. That AOR fusion of rock and synths is my musical sweet spot.

    Are the albums remastered? I have Heart and Bad Animals on CD but they are so quiet.
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  19. No but I almost always prefer original recordings especially for an iTunes playlist to keep the volumes even (ish).

    Are there any essential b-sides/non album songs I need to acquire?
  20. A new one to me is this Donna Summer cover

    Not many people can compete with Donna's vocals but Ann Wilson sounds amazing on it.
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