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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Red Coat, May 15, 2011.

  1. Hey folks!

    Right, so I need a new pair of headphones for my iPod Touch. I've gone through so many recently, it's shocking! They always break on me and to be honest, I'm usually quite carefull.

    Also, I take a bus to school and the noise is beyond irritating! I could have my volume up to the max and I can barley hear my music at times!

    So, I've been browsing and I must say, those Lady GaGa headphones are GORGEOUS! But they're expensive! But, if they really are worth it, I think I would be willing to buy them.

    So to anyone that has had/has them, a few questions:

    01. Are they good quality? (IE: Will they break easily or last me a while?)
    02. How good are they at blocking out irritating school kids that never shut their mouths? Aha!
    03. Does anyone know anywhere else besides the universal store to get them, for cheaper?

    Thanks for anyone that can help! x
  2. RJF


    I would not bother with Heartbeats. Every report I've heard of them has been that they are simply not worth the money. You're better off with a pair of Sennheiser earbuds for about £35. They're far, far better, and probably the best on the market for the price.
  3. I've never used Heartbeats but I have used Beats on Tour (the original Beats earbuds) and was not very impressed. They sounded good for earbuds but I didn't think they were worth the price so I returned them.
  4. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Heartbeats (and the entire Dr Dre collection) are not worth the money at all. The best thing really is to buy the proper iPod headphones!

    My friend bought both the in-ear ones and the purple headphones (Justbeats?) and the quality was so poor, like Poundland-esque.
  5. Are you joking? I mean, are you actually having a laugh? That sounded a bit too serious for my liking.

    I've had JVC Marshmallows for nearly a year now and they suit me just fine. Great sound quality, great bass and as comfortable as in-ear buds get. And about £10. Bargainous.
  6. No, JadeFan, just no. The JVC ones that Numerology mentioned are actually really good, and comfortable. I can't imagine spending over $20 on earbuds because they break so quickly.
  7. Thank for the advice! Nice to know they're not worth them, I'd find it hard parting with all the money over some headphones, haha!

    Heading into town over the weekend hopefully and I'll look for these JVC Marshmallows. Thanks
  8. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    The studio ones, the read Dr. Dre ones are amazing but I wouldn't be sure about the in-ear ones because they break so easy.

    Skullcandy are good but yet again break so much and are pricey enough considering that. If you can get them on special offer though give them a go, the in-ear one's that is.
  9. Thanks for starting this thread, because I was actually wondering exactly the same thing!
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