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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by sushimuffin, Jan 9, 2009.

  1. Heard much of them? They draw lots of comparisons to Crystal Castles but I'm personally loving them more at the moment. "Take It or Leave It" is hands-up-in-the-air amazing. I also love the Lauren Flax remix of "C.Y.O.A." Thoughts? (Beyond "they sound just like Crystal Castles.")
  2. The E.P they did is ok, 3 of the 5 tracks were good. 'Switchblade' is a personal favourite of mine. Vitalic did a good remix of Ultraviolence recently.
  3. Anything recent by them lately? I think they need a full length debut soon...
  4. Been following them for a couple of years now, it's a roller coaster with them, i'm only into them when i care enough to bother. Don't know why, they just don't captivate me as much as let's say Crystal Castles. Swtichblade is still they're best song, Take it Or Leave is nice though.
  5. I know...same hear I heart them and crystal castles both at the same time when I got the crystal castles/hearts revolution ep ....and crystal castles specially with the second album is the clear winner
  6. But I love the Japanese influence found in Heartsrevolution that you don't really get in Crystal Castles. Plus the whole "occasionally unlistenable song" thing that CC like to drop now and then.
  7. They also have muuuuuuch better merch. Still, it seems unfair that they're stuck in New York opening for any electro act to pass through town (or were, at least, in 2009) and Crystal Castles is going on world tours.
  8. Teenage Teardrops is my favourite ever song by them it's too good! I hope they don't become over hyped like Crystal Castles... that to me would be shite. and I would cry.... a bit.
  9. Does anyone have the lyrics to "Teenage Teardrops"?
    I need to sing it loud whenever I feel like a teenager (most of the time).
  10. It only took them 5 years! CYOA (Lauren Flax rmx) is one of my jams. Will check the album out.
  11. I love this album so fucking much. The video for "KISS" is adorable too:

  12. Had no idea these guys were still going. This is cute.
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