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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. This show definitely needs its own thread.

    Based on the lovely LGBT webcomic which can be read for free here: https://tapas.io/episode/428109

    I don't know if a mod could move some of the Heartstopper posts from the Netflix Recommendations thread to here?
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  2. Just binged it. Totally adorable. Blubbed. I don’t care… never too old for unrealistic gay romance.
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  3. I'm three episodes into Heartstopper and it does feel very young, especially compared to other teen shows. It's about as different from Sex Education as you can get. But I think that's part of why it feels like such an important show. It's a programme aimed at teenagers where the central characters are gay and bi and falling in love with each other which has never really been done before.
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  4. It's definitely a palette cleanser from all the 'grit' we get with teen shows these days.
    I think the innocence of it all actually stands in its favour and adds to the charm.
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  5. Definitely this. It's very wholesome, which is in keeping with the tone of the graphic novels/comic series.
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  6. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    This sounds tailormade for me, been looking for something wholesome and twee ever since Dash & Lily. Lemme check
  7. Heartstopper is a bit CBBC at times, but it's definitely a sweet show. I like that it just deals with LGBTQ people and issues without everything being apocalyptically dramatic.

    It gives me Dash & Lily vibes so you'll probably enjoy it.
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  9. I watched all 8 episodes of Heartstopper last night. I don’t think I’ve ever binged a show that fast. It was so lovely and so many moments had me getting a bit emotional and not because it was sad. I think it just hit so close to home for me because I had a similar situation at school. I got that it felt very young but it just grabbed my heart so it didn’t bother me. I can’t stop thinking about it all day. I think I’m going to watch it again.
  10. I’ve watched it twice already!
  11. I absolutely loved Heartstopper. I'm not familiar with the comics so this was all new to me, but it reminded me a little of the amazing film Beautiful Thing. It's the first show I think I've ever binge watched and then wanted to watch all over again immediately after. Credit to the two leads particularly as their acting was perfect, but the whole cast were excellent too.

    In a section littered with fifty thousand 'housewife' threads, surely there's room for Heartstopper to have a thread of it's own?

    I really hope there's a series 2 (and three etc).

    Brilliant telly.
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  12. You should definitely give the comic a go - you can read them for free on Tapas/WebToons/Tumblr.

    I loved all the girls.
    Elle was brilliant.
    Tara and Darcy were brilliant too.
    And I loved how Charlie's sister randomly appeared here and there.
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  13. Heartstopper was just the perfect kinda of sentimental wholesomeness I need. The soundtrack:

  14. My fiancé was on the fence a few minutes into Heartstopper and was completely sold by the end of the episode. Then he wanted to watch the rest of it tonight dd.
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  15. I'm 3 episodes in too, and absolutely loving it. It is a breath of fresh sore amongst all the high drama and angst.

    it’s also quite nostalgic, though a lot of us probably want to forget our school days, myself included. It does remind me how my first crushes felt.

    @Mvnl it definitely gives me Dash and Lily vibes.
  16. I don't want Heartstopper to end.
    I know need to slowly watch the rest and the read everything afterwards.
    Warmed my gay little heart.
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  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    It's definitely really cute. Kinda love how many opportunities for unnecessary drama don't get used, where in more 'mature' drama ego's and lack of communication would ensure a 20-episode season of 'I never wanna see you again!'s and such. This just makes me want to fall in love again, makes me wish this was around when I was that age, while also not because it's not like I didn't have enough unrealistic expectations of love at the time. Also kinda sad that I never got to experience any of this and now we're old and everything's complex.

    I could have done without the one character who's probably most acting like an actual teenager but then there'd be even less of a story I guess.
  18. Do we know if Heartstopper will be released on BluRay / DVD? And will the soundtrack be released? I thought the soundtrack was excellent - some of the songs sounded like early Dragonette, which is a very good thing.
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  19. I enjoyed Heartstopper, though I knew going in it'd be more of a Tracy Beaker affair. Watched it all pretty quick, and I think I enjoyed the secondary cast much more than the leads. Despite everyone doing their gig well.

    Though, it was a strong exercise in the 'queer people are normal, just like [straight] you' like 'Love, Simon/Victor' before it and I'm always gonna have my reservations about that. But the source material is in a similar place.

    The overzealous urge to follow that path typically makes for very flat/hollow personalities and certainly some characters just lacked a lot of dimension. I feel like kids could really benefit from seeing more developed, complicated personalities in their representation (this doesn't mean melodrama/grit or whatever Elite/Euphoria is doing, mind you). The lead's personality went as far as 'I'm nice and would like a boyfriend' which... eh.

    But Elle and Tao's relationship and story was very sweet. They did a great job with Elle's character. And I didnt realise there would be so much queer rep going in. It was also nice that they cut to the chase on Nick discovering his sexuality. I'm used to the Degrassi slow burn, so it was a cute change of pace.
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