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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Charlie Spring: Relatable Icon. This is literally me and my relationship!
  2. Just finished this now, cried and smiled multiple times through every episode. We were watching this with my boyfriend's daughter and had to get through a "They're so nice and cute, I love them!" every 30 seconds.

    I'm so happy that today's younger generation have things like this to be easily watch and be exposed to on a platform as massive at Netflix. Even though this is idealized fiction, I think it's going to be such a boon for queer teens and kids to see that they deserve just as much of a happy and healthy relationship as their straight friends.

    Maybe if there was something like this a decade ago I wouldn't have stayed with my "Ben" (and then replaced him with another Ben) and not done some long-lived damage to my psyche because well, what if that's the best I can hope for? That's a lot of weight and responsibility to put on a half hour rom-com, but I genuinely think it can make a difference.

    This is also going to be an important watch for parents, in a package that I think most will be receptive to. When Nick was coming out to his mom and she validated him and made him feel understood, my boyfriend grabbed my knee and said, "Damn, what I wouldn't give to go back in time and have my Mom react like that when I told her I was Bi."

    Also, yes that shot of Nick looking at Tara and Darcy with the rainbow flare? Art.


  3. The promo just won’t let up
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  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Friend of mine was watching yesterday and though she's straight she said some bits already hit her quite hard, being the outcast in high school, and she could imagine it being a bit triggering for me as well as it not having been easy back then and going by my emotional reaction to that remark that was one of the things I've... been missing? Like back then there were enough people curious 'how I did know' or 'who was my type' but a 'that can't have been easy' or 'are you okay now?' would have been nice I guess? Or I would have just shrugged it off, who knows.. At home we definitely didn't talk about feelings cause I'd just end up being blamed for stressing out my parents.
    I did rewatch episode 7 and 8 with her and oddly actually watching the show made me less sad than thinking of it has done over the past few days?
    Still feel a bit lost though, also cause my best friend pretty much said 'maybe you should talk about this with someone' and though that might not be the worst idea it kinda feels like 'yeah I don't know how to deal with this, just seek a professional' which does not improve the sense of being lonely?
  5. This show is messing with my head too much! I binged it and love it, but I was not prepared for the rollercoaster or emotions it triggered.
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  6. The music supervisors of this show truly did knock it out of the park. They pitched every song perfectly for the scenes they chose to pair them with, enhancing the emotional resonance of already wonderful, moving moments.
  7. This was very cute and fluffy. The characters are well played (even if very unidimensional), and the plot is brisk enough.

    This is definitely not a radical manifesto, but I feel that diluted, easy to ingest content like this will make wonders to break the ice in a lot of families and will be fertile ground of discussion and growth for a lot of teens.
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  8. The things I keep finding out!

  9. Mvnl

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    Not @Remorque reminding me of this post where I was all 'yay a fluffy feelgood show that definitely won't give me an emotional response!!!'

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  10. Not gonna lie, but I’m in love with everything involved with this show.

    Naur it’s true, it’s true.

    Nick’s such a sweetheart and Olivia stole my heart again in that last episode.
  11. The body image issues covered in the last chapters are so relatable to me. It was something I really struggled with when I was in my late teens/early twenties and I don't remember any other media/TV really covering that (at least not for boys).
  12. We were all bamboozled!

    Dash & Lily too was my last Netflix obsession.
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  13. Stuff like this is still giving me fuzzy feelings.
    Earlier in the week I saw a few of the artists on the soundtrack interact on Twitter, suggesting there should be a Heartstopper festival. I'd be on board for this.

  14. This thread has been a great help in processing some of the feel-it-in-my-gut emotions that have been unfurling since watching the show.

    What a beautiful and moving series.
  15. It truly has. Knowing so many others have the same punch in the gut feeling has made me feel better. Do I attempt a rewatch?
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  16. It's cute that Joe and Sebastian seem to be dating in real life.
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  17. I was curious if Ben would have redemption in the second half of the season (having not read any of the books).
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  18. It would be nice to see him come to terms with himself and his behaviour.

    I find the complete disappearance of Ben rather upsetting. I hope they have Bash in Season 2.
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  19. He


    It seems he the one kind of antagonist throughout the novels, as even bully boy comes around. I have not read them, though, just heard.
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