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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

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    I already mentioned Love, Simon/Victor and saw someone else do so and it puzzles me even more so why this particular show pulled so many heartstrings since it's not the first time seeing anything like it on my screen. I'm guessing it's partially because it feels so real, possibly also because there's few subplots distracting from the main couple? I mean I enjoyed Love, Victor and was still moved by it but the (personal) impact of Heartstopper is so much stronger?

    (Also not too long ago I digitalised the tapes I still had of 15-year-old me and my 'Nick' playing 'radio' (basically pretending to announce songs/interview eachother and stuff) and there's even bits where he jokingly goes 'are you gay or something??' and... even that didn't move me in the way this show did??)
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  2. This is closer to Skam than Love, Victor. I have yet to see a US show that didn’t fall back on older attractive actors and unrealistic narratives. Teens just don’t talk like that… or maybe they do in the US?
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  3. I'm still caught up in my feelings about this.

    I don't think it's even about the romantic element of it all, but for me it's just taken me back to my school years, all the bullying and almost a sense of just feeling sad that I didn't have that safe space or just even the feeling that someone/anyone was rooting for me.

    I'm also bopping to some of the music in it like the classic out of touch Granddad I am.
  4. I’m going in for my first rewatch, which I’m not sure is a good or bad idea.

    Hold me, gals.
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  5. This reminds me of a comment Joe Locke said that lives rent free in my mind
    I'm watching the show a second time now and everytime i remember this i chuckle a bit lol
  6. A couple of the songs missing from the Spotify playlist have now been added.

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  7. I think it’s clear they mean these kids aren’t the cast of Riverdale, which is a good thing!
    I thought I was going crazy. I knew I heard mxmtoon in there.
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    Wait, I hoped I could see what's new by date added but everything's 'added one day ago' now. I'm sure mxmtoon was part of the 33-song batch I already saw (and added to my itunes list)
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  9. It says 1 day for me too... but now up to 35 songs.
    I made a YouTube playlist too. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLtKXRsCq-Z9ZMBu8HwU8mzeY_lv5HvOmN
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  10. Well, indeed? from the same interview
    what i meant was that the cast is not unconventionally attractive imo
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  11. I noticed Joe must have had some dental work between filming and this round of promo.
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    I was on the verge of ordering the books (having read all of it online already) but I'm still not 100% sure if this show is something very special I want to cherish and be reminded of every day or something I'll be happy to never think of again once the sadness has gone??

    (it's also not like I need them and I prefer the show to the comics, so it would be more of a tribute to the show to have them on display than anything)
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  13. He


    They all had a bit of a celebrity glow up for the promo cycle.

    Hope they can still look somewhat convincing when they shoot season 2.
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  14. They need to hurry up and announce season 2.

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  15. Actually I just saw the This Morning clip again from a few days ago and Joe hasn’t had work done. The recent promo pictures I’ve seen must have been retouched.

    He’s still cute as a button and I wish him a world of success. Hope he gets that Gay Disney Prince role.
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  16. I know the shows only been out a little over a week but the way every single Netflix twitter and IG account is obsessively posting content is making me impatient. Just announce the renewal already; you’ve got us by the throat watching it everyday processing trauma, it’s the least they can do.
  17. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    After some of the horrible comments under some of their posts I'm kinda glad they just keep going.
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  18. The accuracy:
  19. Young Royals was released July 1st, season 2 was announced towards the end of September.
    I don't want them to take THAT long to announce it.
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