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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. My parents were the exact same way, oblivious as hell. My aunt introduced me to Janet at age 5 with Rhythm Nation and I would put that cd on and dance around the house all day…AT 5. I grew up a Britney stan and had her all over my walls.

    When I finally came out to them at 19, post high school, it was “huh how are you gay, you loved Britney!” And I’m like uh yeah, I wanted to be like her, not sleep with her.

    The stupidity of it all.
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  2. There's a guy I work with who has the same colouring and is the only colleague I find semi-attractive.
    He also has a tiny hint of Nick Nelson energy - a super nice, friendly, sunshine-y type guy. He's completely straight... though he quite often asks if I've finally found a boyfriend yet. And this other time on a work night out he asked me if I'd ever been with a black guy. That was weird.
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  3. Mvnl

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    This made me laugh out loud.
    Yeah different times I guess? As a teenager all I got about being gay in school was a line in biology 'men or women can have sex with eachother as well, there's no reproductional purpose to this'.
    God knows how little information our parents got??
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    Just spoke to my doctor. Can get a reference for a therapist, he just pretty much told me to first put into words what my main goal would be. I suppose 'finding my very own Nick Nelson' won't be covered by my insurance? (jokes aside, I find it pretty hard.. erm, be happy again?)
    Also started reading this book which is already proving to be pretty interesting and emotional.
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  5. Do not listen to the official playlist while on the treadmill at the gym unless you enjoy crying in public. Ask me how I know.
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  6. Me in the drive thru at my bank on Saturday, forgetting I put “What’s It Gonna Be” on my regular playlist and it coming on while I’m talking to a teller and instantly start tearing up thinking about Nick and Charlie making out in the rain.
  7. I was going to put a few of the tracks on my everyday playlist, but a few of the songs trigger emotions almost instantly so I don't want to be crying on the bus or whatever.

    Chvrches' Clearest Blue and beabadoobee's Tired seem particularly triggering for me.
    However Chloe Moriondo's I Want To Be With You is a bop.
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  8. Haha my parents said ‘but you love Kylie Minogue’.

    my mum and dad got me Kylie showgirl tour tickets for Xmas when I was 14 and took a family day out in Manchester and my brother came along too and my mum couldn’t stop saying about how many gay men where at a Kylie concert haha. I don’t what it is with some parents but it’s like they went round with their eyes closed. My parents went to see Madonna’s who’s that girl tour before I was born so maybe I get it off one of them haha

    I’ve never understand society’s attitudes decades ago and the whole section 28 thing what did they think they do wipe out gays? They do realise new babies who may be gay are born every year?
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  9. Drive Thru Bank? Is…. is that a thing?
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  10. Do they not have drive up windows in Europe? That’s at practically every bank in the US. They’re fun because you get to use pneumatic mail tubes.
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  11. Why am I watching it again?

    Also I’d like to take a moment to shout out the holy trinity of Elle, Tara and Darcey - Icons.
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  13. A billboard in LA? They’re playing with us now. Gimme that renewal now, not in 3 months!
  14. Something like this would make a really cool poster.
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  15. They need to announce the renewal ASAP. Especially after they just canned all their most interesting animated content mid production...
  16. Not Alice posting this...

    which ties in with this...

    and this...

    I have to keep reminding myself that I'm 38 and not a 17 year old fangirl.
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    Where is that comic part from?

    Also: same same same.. I’m one step removed from drawing them or writing fanfiction
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  18. Dying at this because I can guarantee I would have come out at 14 had this show existed back in 2002. And then plastered Nick/Charlie art all over my math binder instead of Avril Lavigne nn.
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