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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

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    Yeah I wondered before if straight people get affected by seeing straight romance in a similar way but then I guess them seeing it all the time (also offscreen) probably makes it a bit easier (or they went through the sense of grief a lot sooner?).
    (Speaking of Drew it's also not like I didn't sob watching 20 First Dates and The Wedding Singer. It just finished when the movie was over)
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  2. i think straights do that’s why films like Dirty Dancing and Grease are so beloved
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  3. I'm so curious to see what parts of the comic gets included for season two.

    Obviously, it will be centred around the Paris trip, but most of that involved the anxiety around Nick and Charlie telling people about them, specifically Tao... but all that is pretty much out in the open now. It was the cause of Charlie spiralling with his mental health issues so I wonder how that is going to be handled.

    I guess Tao and Elle getting together will be more of a focus.
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  4. I can’t yet articulate the emotional impact this show has had on me these past few days, but I know it’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced with a TV drama before.
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    I mean.. I loved those movies too. Well not those 2 in particular but most of my alltime favourite movies are straight romcoms. I guess I just never knew it was possible to relate to something even more?
    (Which is kinda odd cause I actually made a (very amateuristic) gay soap back in 2002 because 'there wasn't enough for gay teens to relate to'. Guess it's different when you've written it yourself? (I btw had the main character that came out be dumped by all of his (horrible) friends and could have learned a thing or two from Heartstopper, although he did make some better friends soon after)
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  6. All the feels.

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  7. I posted a reply to once of the tweets for the Attitude article about the soundtrack... and Chvrches liked it.
    I feel seen.
  8. Thank you

    This is brilliant - gives a new meaning to the title “Heartstopper”! It’s certainly enough the dampen anybody’s admiration for Nick Nelson...

    I haven't finished the comics yet, but do you think there is enough material for them to stretch it out to 3 or 4 seasons?
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  9. Alice did say she could see it lasting 3 or 4 seasons.
    There's going to be 8 chapters to the comics. Season 1 was chapters 1 and 2. So I imagine season 2 will roughly be chapters 3 and 4, and so on. Plus there's the Nick & Charlie/This Winter novellas they can use for material. In the past she has said the story will finish when Nick goes to university.
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  10. I keep saying this, Lauren. Even before Heartstopper’s release, the same emotional explosion is exactly what I felt listening to that breakdown. ART.
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    With you saying emotional explosion and breakdown I'm now imagining the scene with All The Lovers.
    (Wouldn't change a thing about it though)
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  12. Ddd... now I'm imagining it to Wouldn't Change A Thing.
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  13. The way every Netflix twitter account have basically turned into stan accounts. The power!
  14. Netflix would be smart to greenlight seasons 2 & 3 right away and film them back to back since Joe and Kit both already look drastically older than they did when this filmed in 2021.
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  15. I'm sure they already have. But these announcements are usually timed for maximum media coverage.
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  16. He


    I also hope the renew for several seasons and can be filmed back to back.
  17. This was very cute. I was surprised that it hadn’t already been renewed considering how many interactions the social media posts get. However, for a new Netflix show the numbers aren’t huge.

    I wonder if they’re waiting to see if it has staying power.

    14.5m hours viewed weekend 1
    23.9m hours viewed full week 2

    for comparison, if it was released in the third week of March, these numbers wouldn’t be enough for top 10.
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