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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. King.

    Serving looks.


    What a role model.

  2. LGBTQIA+’s win again!
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  4. I'm still processing my feelings and it's already my 2nd rewatch. Guys, is Nick & Charlie chronically the last book? And This Winter is before it?
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  6. Urgh this was everything I was hoping for

    I was holding it together until “Charlie’s a very special friend isn’t he?” And then I don’t think I stopped crying till the end
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    That line broke me too and has done ever since when I think of it.
    I know I should surpress my tendency to analyse the hell out of it (because that's just my way of pushing feelings aside) but I do really wonder what it is about that particular line. It's not one I've heard many other people mention. (And just the sheer fact it effected someone else too makes me feel less.. alone?)
  8. It hit me in a very profound way too when I first heard it. It just breaks you when you imagine being able to hear such a simple, yet moving question from someone close to you - someone you hope would understand what is going on with you. It feels weird but the series leaves me in a lot of thoughts, most of them wishing I was able to experience the same thing, the others wishing that I could just protect the kids from the cold harsh world out there.
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    Yeah I guess it's the fact his mother really sees/gets him in that moment?
    Combined with the memories of me and my 'Nick' at the time and just me wanting to say 'yes, yes he really was'. And Nick is so vulnerable in this moment too.
    (Typing this got me right back in my feelings as well but I've come to the point where I kinda appreciate these moments because it feels like I'm slowly getting closer to the core of my sadness/getting more insight, plus it's preferable to the knot I've had in my stomach for days)
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  10. I think it’s clear that in that moment, his mom finally knows what’s going on and offering him a safe gateway to tell her when he’s ready. It’s a nice journey they go on from the second episode of “Charlie is different from your other friends, you seem much more like yourself around him” to the end.

    It really is a beautiful moment.

    I think it affects people because we all wish we had heard something like that from our parents when we were dealing with our internalized issues.
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  11. I have a difficult relationship with my mum.

    My mum tried to do something like this, but was just like 'are you gay or what?' when I was like 13 and getting picked on by people at school asking the same thing... so obviously didn't have the best reaction, denied it and made me go into my shell even more.

    Weirdly, my mum ended up coming out before I did... so perhaps she was looking for a way to tell me about her too?
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  12. Why yes, I was just listening to Clearest Blue when I saw this!
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  13. Netflix keeps feeding us content:

  14. I went through an experience in High School being in love with my best friend who was closeted to the point that I didn't feel I could even speak for myself on who I was without losing him. I was afraid he would figure out I had feelings for him. So I kept quiet and waited thinking things would improve. Instead, they got worse. He started dating girls and pushing girls on me. Started telling people we were related. I didn't think there were other options or I deserved much better. If there was any gay representation in the media at the time at all, it was negative. I was staring to get physically sick and I had to end it soon.
    There was another guy I started to like at an after school job, but he worked in a different department so I had no reason to go talk to him. A co-worker called me and invited me to a party and asked if I could do her a favor and invite the guy from the other department and give him all the info. Finally, a reason to talk to him. So I went over and told him about the invite and wrote down the address for him. But of course I hid any interest. I walked away, and was down an aisle somewhere, and I look and see him running down the aisle towards me, big smile on his face, to ask me if I would go to the party with him. I was on such a high after that, and I think it was the first time I understood what a possibility in this context felt like. And I didn't want to go back.
    Nothing much came of the guy from work; we just didn't end up connecting. And my friend I finally walked away from. But I had a lot of issues from that experience for a long time, probably still some now. When I'm interested in someone my first instinct is to hide it for fear they will hate me.
    Heartstopper, to me, is possibility. Endless possibilities. And specifically LGBTQ characters that are allowed to have them. I don't feel any sadness watching it because I know even if everything was handed to me on a silver platter at the start of High School I probably would have still screwed things up. But if I had something like Heartstopper as a kid, I may have understood sooner that I didn't have to settle for a dead end. As an adult, it's still a good reminder.
  15. This show is nothing but feels. Too many feels.
  16. This was a really special moment. I also loved when she said, "I'm sorry if I ever made you feel like you couldn't tell me that" in the last episode.

    Gut punches aplenty from Olivia.
  17. I can see Connor Jessup playing Nick's older brother... if he can do a decent English accent.
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