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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. I think one of the most unrealistic parts of the show is that the worst swear word they ever use is... piss?
    In the comic they swear all the time.
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  2. I find it unrealistic how they only say "I like you" instead of "I love you".

    And I did cringe a bit at the snow scene because when does that ever happen in the UK...

    But apart from that there were lots of parts I found refreshing, such as no one walking in and interrupting any kisses, some people actually answering back to the school bully and mocking him, the drama about Nick and Imogen's 'date' getting solved in about 3 minutes instead of 3 episodes and of course Charlie's supportive dad. So good they didn't rely on all the well worn tropes.
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  3. Really? I would find it more unrealistic for them to just jump straight into the "love" word.
  4. Go on, boys, let it out, this is a safe space.

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  5. Nick basically tells Charlie he loves him with the “My god I like you so much and I love liking you” comment.

    And it literally takes them all of 4 months to say I Love You in the books so we should get it next season at least.
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  6. It's Joe's first acting role while Kit is newer though a future BAFTA winner, so it's not like I went into this expecting some 'The Wire' level acting chops.
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  7. Yeah that's a good point, it does work better in storytelling terms as it can come later on, but realistically "love" is a word that gets thrown around far too often, particularly at that age.
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  8. Joe/Kit mentioned in an interview that they had to redo that scene multiple times because they kept giggling, and they even got told off by the director.

  9. Maybe I'm just willing to forgive this show anything, but I thought the caricature bullies (Harry, and the hilariously obvious Ben) where intentional, to not really focus on them and keep the overall positivity of the show flowing.

    On a side note, a cute moment I missed the first time;
    Charlie is standing alone in the bowling alley watching the door for Nick, and so Nick says "am I the first one here?" but everyone is already there, Charlie just wanted to greet him at the entrance.
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  10. It did sort of seem like a blooper they decided to use, but... it's basically kids, so why not?
  11. My favourite 'subtle moment' was when Nick shows up at the door in the rain... Charlie's mum tells Charlie off for still being in his pyjamas, Nick smiles when he realises too... and then goes shy again when Charlie looks up at him.
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  12. My reaction was - why doesn't anyone give that poor boy a towel??!
  13. I found this really cute too.
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  14. When Tao's voice trembled (shouting at Charlie to leave him alone) after his fight with Harry, I really felt that pain.
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  15. I love this show so much. But like with everyone else, I think there's a lot of past trauma it digs up.

    As for Harry... Yeah, he's your typical British male bully at school. East London, innit bruv.
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  16. North London too. That headlock thing he did to Charlie in the cinema is a "classic" move.

    Speaking of Harry and schools, his birthday party venue is this school in London:

    More pics here:
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  17. NPR has now covered the show too:

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  18. Apparently, they'll be watching this on Gogglebox tonight. Will be interesting to see how they react.
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