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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. Not viewable in the US yet.
  2. Every time I get a notification for new posts in this thread, I keep hoping to see the announcement for Season 2. My God I hate fckn waiting.
  3. Hard to believe it's only been out 3 weeks... feels like forever ago.
    Up to 8 on UK Netflix today. Hope the Gogglebox thing gives it a little boost.
  4. I’ve watched this so many times I’ve had to watch Young Royals twice in between to avoid overload…..

    I’m on holiday for 2 weeks so will be distracted by sea and sand hopefully.
  5. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    That personally would just have me running into the sea shouting and waiting for someone to lift me up
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  6. Oh don’t you worry, I’m sat on Variety/Hollywood Reporter/Deadline/TVLine everyday hoping it’ll come through. Instead I get spoonfed info like:

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  7. I'm curious to know what the fourth song is...
    Also hoping people are discovering the album version of Alaska instead of the version used in the show.
  8. Not me feeling proud by just the Channel 4 announcer mentioning Charlie Spring's name before Gogglebox started.
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  9. Please update what bit they show!

    Alice and Patrick (the exec producer) are watching together and she was just on a “writers retreat” yesterday? They are so working on season 2!
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  10. I thought that too!
    PJ Detectives at work here.
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  11. They did episode 3 and showed the kiss at the end.

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  12. #renewheartstopper trending on Twitter!
  13. I half want to jump straight into vol 3 and 4 because I. cannot. get. enough. and half want to save it for later because I don't want to ever see the last of Nick & Charlie. Help.
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  14. I love how much Netflix Canada is stanning.
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  15. Still makes me emosh watching their first kiss. The music, the animations. And even the viewers are all cheering them on.
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  16. Yeah, I have to revise my opinion from a few pages back somewhat - imperfect as the show may be, I’ve not been able to stop thinking about certain scenes in the three days since I watched it; I can’t remember any show or movie that’s ever had a similar effect. The first kiss, in particular, is replaying itself on loop under my eyelids every time I close my eyes and, frankly, it’s ruining my life. It is so fucking perfect, every kiss I’ve ever had is rendered hollow and underwhelming in comparison.

    a truly ‘TV taught me how to feel / now real life has no appeal’ Marina moment.
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  17. US Netflix changed the preview that autoplays from a dull scene to a proper trailer. As well as it's doing, I feel like it should be doing so much more. It's a little bit of a hard sell when you tell people it's cute and sweet.
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  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    I'm not sure if adding "BUT IT WILL LEAVE YOU SAD FOR DAYS!" is better?
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  19. #6 on UK Netflix today. It was looking like it might drop out the top 10 earlier in the week.
    I had a bit of a break from it this week myself. I watched a few reactions to it on YouTube still.
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  20. I read vol 4 today and I think I cried even more than I did watching Episode 7 & 8 combined.
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