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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

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    The tone is a bit different and took some getting used to, what I did like about it not being a comic was it allowed me to picture every bit of it with the 2 leads of the show. And despite it not being all good it did really affect me which I'm not really used to with books (hardly reading fiction might be part of that though)
    Personally I'd recommend reading it. Whether I'd recommend purchasing it..less sure?
  2. Yes if you want to see how the relationship progresses. But not if you want to stay in the honeymoon phase with Nick and Charlie for a little longer. Of course

    they are fine in the end
    but still.
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  3. I re-read the novella last week and found it quite jarring how different the tone and characters were compared to the comics and series. Charlie calling Nick "bitch. Nick sticking his middle finger up to Charlie. These are not the characters I know and love.
  4. Definitely not giving the novella a try after reading this. I don't want any reality in my Heartstopper bubble, thanks.

    In other news, Day 6 of Heartstopper syndrome (it's a thing, apparently, reddit says so) and I still don't feel any better. COVID was easier to get over than this.
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  5. It's funny because it's true.

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  6. Does anyone else watch it thinking Charlie isn't all that innocent when he's talking to Nick in the early stages? Like the questions in the build up to the kiss... he already knew the answers right? He was just helping things along. And when he apologises for things which are clearly not his fault, he knows that too most of the time? Or am just just an old cynic?
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  7. Nick is kind of being obvious but Charlie is already feeling bad because of how Ben is treating him, and his friends are telling him Nick is straight, so he has a lot of doubt. When Nick tells him he looks "cuddly"... I mean... even the sister comes out to say "I don't think he's straight". So that gave Charlie some more confidence to ask questions, but I think he's still really scared, and when Nick is distracted by his friends, Charlie assumes the worst.
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    I mean, I heard my best (female) friend say ‘they’ when referring to her crush a little too often and possibly even one slipped ‘she’ yet it took me weeks to suggest ‘we might be going through the same kind of thing here’. These things are scary as hell and the ‘but what if I’m wrong??’ pretty intimidating. I think the ‘what is she like then?’ at least was sincere. Or meant to be, and if it came across differently blame writing/acting.
    As for the last part: people who say a lot of ‘sorry’ or ‘I’m such an awful person’ in general kinda want the other person to go ‘no you’re not/you shouldn’t be!’. Still comes from a place of insecurity though.
    I think if Charlie ever comes across like he’s just playing a part it’s just parts of Joe slipping through
  9. He


    Charlie also feels pretty worthless via Ben and the bullying he’s endured. So, he does not feel deserving of attention or love, and that voice as you can see even has him rewrite reality to what he thinks others “must have meant”. His negativity and insecurity takes over quite quickly.

    Also they’re both new at being liked in a such genuine way, they do not know how to act.
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  10. I also think it's a great way to demonstrate how consent is always appreciated, even with little acts like holding hands (how Nick begins with touching Charlie's pinkie, and then only proceeds after glancing over for approval). Charlie might come off as being a bit too... calculated (not sure if this is the right word to use here) but it's understandable considering the trauma of being outed at such a young age (he is only 15 in vol 1).
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    I'd say it's mostly.. cautious?
    I wouldn't exactly have just started kissing Nick to see what happened in his shoes either.
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  12. Yeah in all seriousness for Charlie it must be a massive case of "Holy cow are things really happening as I hoped they would because this is too good to be true". And it's so relatable, not that everyone and their mom get to experience it, but in a way that you just know you would also be that extra cautious with your actions had it happened to you.
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  13. Charlie tells Tori that Ben made him feel like he was ruining his life... and Charlie was scared he would make Nick feel the same way somehow so it's understandable he would be insecure about literally everything and seek reassurance.
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  14. As expected, out of the Top 10 globally on Netflix but still Top 10 in the UK for a fourth week and is still currently Top 10 daily.
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    Does any Netflix show get more than a couple of weeks on the limelight? Besides hits like Stranger Things.

    I cackled with these girls.
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  16. I watched this earlier too!
    One of my favourite reactions.
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  17. Besides Bridgerton and Ozark, only a few select others get the 4+ weeks in the Top 10.

    As far as reactions go, my favorite has to be:

    Brad’s are also funny
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  18. He


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  19. I've enjoyed Noah Co's reactions so far... I even enjoyed it despite hating watching people eat as they react to stuff.

    Her Bad Bunny reactions are funny too.
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  20. Wait I just realized they share a blue/yellow theme
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