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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. This is really throwing a spanner in my confident insistence, couple of weeks ago at my therapist's office, that my emotional reaction to Heartstopper has nothing to do with fancying either of the leads and is purely about the heartwarming story....
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  2. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    For me it's very much 'yup it's all about Nick for me, Kit does nothing for me'
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  3. Kit and Yaz are also now in Paris.
  4. And Kit is being stalked by fans and by stalked I mean he’s already had to ask a group of girls to not follow him and his best friend to breakfast this morning.

    The fans are really gonna make Kit and Joe regret doing HS.
  5. A few worlds colliding here... never thought I would see Kit pictured with Steve of The Internet. Icons.

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  6. Mvnl

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    I really hope by the time season 2 comes I can still see Nick & Charlie instead of Kit & Joe.
    I noticed myself not buying 'Victor' in Love Victor at all anymore for the last season
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  7. Yaz is so damn beautiful.

  8. We might finally get Trixie & Katya reacting to Heartstopper. It got mentioned in their First Kill watch and now the cast has jumped on it

    In other news, sounds like the late August/early September shooting for S2 is right. Kit was asked at the Kenzo show his summer plans and he said getting his A-level results back, enjoying summer and getting back to shooting Season 2’.
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  9. I spent at least 20 minutes trying to find Trixie and Katya reacting to Heartstopper on YouTube when I saw those comments but it doesn’t exist so I watched them react to Young Royals instead….
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  10. Joe and Will are also doing a play for two weeks in August

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  11. Someone tell Bash and Joe they missed the best show yet!


  12. Not them suddenly making Kit Irish by messing up his last name.

  13. Mvnl

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  14. I'm curious as to what the turnaround for season 2 will be. I know they're supposed to be filming August/September but Netflix never seem to be in a rush to release things!
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  15. Young Royals season 2 wrapped filming in May and is premiering in November.

    HS Season 1 took 4 months to film but because of COVID restrictions and age/education restrictions. I imagine it’ll be a 3 month shoot from Sept-November and premiering at the end of June 2023 for Pride month.

    We should know the exact time frame because the actor who plays Mr. Ajayi is doing a play in London’s West End from August-November and I imagine he is going to miss a decent sized chunk of the play now to film his scenes and the playhouse will announce his time away from the role on their website.
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  16. Charlie’s room was unveiled today at Waterstones in Piccadilly Square. Alice had her signing today and some of the cast showed up for a quick photo.

    They really did a good job at recreating the space.
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  17. It made the US press even though it doesn’t air here.

    Also it’s confirmed they’ll be reacting to Channel 4’s Big Boys, Glastonbury coverage and Scream 5 amongst other things.

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  18. This is cute.


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