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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. When do we think season 2 will come out? Definitely my most anticipated returning show next year!
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  2. Bonjour!

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  3. Also who is Bradley and why is he rocking a mullet?

    Also, does David sound French? I can’t remember from the book where he lived but assumed he was an adult (maybe at Uni?) and would have an English accent. Did he live in France with their dad?
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  4. So good to see them all together again. Roll on series two!
  5. So that is actually not Bradley. That is the actor who plays Christian, one of Nick’s rugby mates.

    Bradley was in episode 8, he’s the boy who asks Mr. Ajayi if he’s gonna make Nick Nelson get back in the rugby game. He has an expanded role this season as James, the boy who gets dared to kiss Charlie in the Paris section.

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  6. David is at uni.
  7. I am absolutely not ready for this to return. Winter is coming, my mental health does not need this. They can keep it until Spring.
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  8. Olivia Colman and Stephen Fry are also confirmed to return according to an IG comment by Alice!

    It definitely won’t be returning until late spring-early Summer for sure. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t hold it off until June for Pride month.
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  9. I thought that was Christian! But then they confused me by mentioning Bradley and I didn’t see any other new boy. Thanks.
  10. Got me feeling fuzzy feelings again.

    More fuzzy feelings.

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  11. I see what they are doing.

    That Skam impact.

    I wonder how much of the script has been influenced by fan interaction.
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  12. None, I hope
  13. I wouldn’t worry about any fan influence happening in season 2. Alice wrote all the scripts again and it’s her baby.

    The last slide. Love seeing her back on set.
  14. I’m sure Netflix will mention it this weekend in their showcase event.
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  15. Who knows with Netflix. Season one was filmed a full year before it aired. Who knows why it took that long - maybe it's about waiting for the right time/making sure it doesn't clash with other shows.

    I did hear there's at least a three month wait with every Netflix show once filming has ended because it takes that long to do all the dubbing/subtitles for every country.
  16. They’re in Paris!

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  17. Right in front of the Samaritaine!
  18. I'm so happy to see them filming that it almost doesn't feel like reality!

    Meantime I'm having my own Heartstopper moment.
    A friend I like but was never sure about his sexuality (friends all say straight) told me he's attracted to people, not gender. He knows I like him. We just need Harry Greene to invite us to a party and get this ball rolling.

    I've thought about showing him Heartstopper, but I feel like that might be too obvious and maybe embarrassing! Especially since I think he's in the middle of sorting this stuff out.
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  19. I read
    and was going to ask about this new slang expression, ddd.
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