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Heartstopper (Renewed for 2 more seasons!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Sick Sad World, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. He


    That part is very odd. Like… these are kids. Draw the line.
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  2. BTG


    What @joe_alouder said is bang on. There’s been a very uncomfortable parasocial relationship between the show, the stars and the fanbase from day one and sadly, I don’t think this event will be the end of it.

    Good luck to the crew the minute there’s a deviation from the source material or a plot twist the fans don’t like. And no adaptation is 1:1, it will happen.
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  3. I'm worried for Alice Oseman.
    I've sensed a lot of anxiety from her social media posts about writing season 2 and finishing off the comics.
    I have no doubt that she'll do a great job, but that feeling of overwhelming expectation can't be good for anybody.
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  4. The books are there. The story is there. If she wants to do some changes, she can def go for them. I don't think she wants to change major plotlines or characters. And I really hope she's not scared by those fans who forced Kit to out. It's her story and she can do whatever she wants with it ! Even if she wants to pair Nick with Tao ! I really hope the backlash of what happened to Kit is not affecting the series, but it may be..
    The lesson here is: people are aying too much attetion to social media. Who cares if a little group of people is asking to fire Kit Connor or acuse him of queerbaiting because he's holding hand with a girl ?
    The ratings of the show are important (in a lesser extent, considering it has been renewed for 2 more seasons), not what people say on social media.
    Because this is a very bad precedent
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  5. Reading this Newsweek article
    And I really think those words from Alice Oseman really didn't help the process...

    Oseman previously spoke to Newsweek about the casting process for the show, explaining how important it was for her to cast Heartstopper "authentically," with many of the actors identifying in the same way as their characters. Yasmin Finney, for example, plays transgender character Elle Argent, and Finney is also a trans woman.

    "I think casting authentically was really important to us because it just gives the show so much realism, you know, whether that's finding a trans actor to play Elle or finding actors who are around the right age," Oseman told Newsweek in April.

    "I think that it makes the show feel, I've already said it, but more real, it makes you believe in the story and believe what these characters are going through so much more than if it was actors who are 28.

    "And for me, as well, it's respect to the characters and respect to the readers of the comics as well, so that was really important to me and to everyone else who was involved in the casting process.

    "We did a massive, open casting search for the main cast and somehow they just appeared, we found them, and I'm really, really glad that we took the risk and searched really hard to find these people rather than just kind of going with the first people who came along. Yeah, I feel very lucky that we found everyone."

    I really thank the powers that be that she's not writing House of the Dragon or Dhamer or Dexter ! Or even Vampire Academy ! Lol !
  6. Unfortunately, that isn’t weird at all.
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  7. What’s sad and gross is that I’m sure a lot of the gays who felt entitled to know about Kit’s sexuality will probably now think “OMG! I have a shot with him now!!!” Which is sad and and stupid because they never had a shot with him to begin with.

    It’s the same nonsense with gays claiming Shawn Mendes is gay. Wishful thinking my dear!!
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  8. Love to see we are getting new Trans characters and they will be expanding on Elle’s story.
  9. So I’ve just seen a tweet pointing out Ben Hope was crying in his final scene in episode 8 (after the race). I’ve watched it a billion times before and never noticed. It’s quite subtle.

    So I wonder if he will have some degree of redemption or at least some development of his character in later seasons?
  10. Well, they're currently shooting and if you want to know:

    Ben now has an IG profile setup. This means we will see him messaging someone and thus have a bigger role to play in season 2. I don’t think he will get a redemption arc but I think they will develop his character deeper. Alice said in an interview with the Guardian that Ben really was detrimental to Charlie’s mental health and that aspect plays out in Season 2.
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  11. Season 2 filming is slowly coming to a close.

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  12. I still haven't brought myself to re-watch this series yet...
  13. Do it.

    I’ve watched this through dozens of times. It’s the ultimate comfort watch. I may even have watched it as many times as Skam.
  14. It's strange. In the initial few weeks I watched it non-stop, trying to add to the number of streams so it would get renewed. Since then I haven't gone back to it. I think I'm giving myself a good break from it so it will feel fresh again when season 2 comes around.
  15. New interview:

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  16. These boys must be so tired of talking about the first season…
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  17. Filming has officially wrapped as of today!

  18. Cute.

    Might just be me reading too much into little things, but from the few pics and videos I've seen of Kit lately, he seems way more comfortable in his own skin.
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