I don't think the episodes necessarily have to be just 30 minutes in each case. Look at episode 8 in Season 2, for example---it's 36 minutes. In fact, Season 2 is a good 40 minutes longer, I think, than Season 1. So I'm hoping for some flexibility in Season 3 when an episode needs to be longer to do its story justice.

Timings includes the final credits, too, almost 4:30 min)
Ep1: 33
Ep2: 35
Ep3: 32
Ep4: 37
Ep5: 35 (just cheked this: the episode ends at 30:35, then credits)
Ep6: 36
Ep7: 34
Ep8: 41 (36:10 + credits)

HS ratings are not so good beacuse they sum up the hours people watched the programme, so the ones that last longer have better ratings.
Sex Education shorter episode clocks at 47 min, but S3 has 2 episodes longer than 60 mins.
Never Have I Ever has similar episode lenghts but they are 10 episodes per season.
a couple of IG stories with Alice posts...
It may contain a huge spoiler.

I think they are from Twitter, but I can't find this one...
Yes, it hints there is another Season after S3. But this answer gives some kind of hints about the timeframe of S3 (it's def gonna end before Nick and Charlie novella)
Well, I found that Wendy tweet:

and this one that is this:
1st post of chapter 7 was on Jan 1, 2022.
We have 5 more posts till B5 release.
Almost 2 years.
She won't start publishing B6 material before 2024...
Last part of chapter 8/Book6 may be out in Dec 2025 ?
IF they renew HS for 2 more seasons, last one may be out in summer 2026.
I can't see her spoiling us the end of HS before the series.
May I say today's update is a bit dull ? Queen Tori will always have my heart, but... I don't care that much.


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Does anyone know if there's any place still selling the planner for a reasonable price?
(it was like 18 euros on a dutch site earlier this week but now it's... 40??)