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Alice does confirm it on her stories, as well as that they didn't recast Nick's mum but will have other characters taking over her role, as well as that particular scene still being in there.
Hayley Atwell joins the Nelson family as Nick’s Aunt Diane, who takes Nick on a summer holiday to Menorca and has some tough advice to impart about his relationship
Alice says the date announcement is coming very soon. Netflix has upfront this week for their fall 2024 slate so I imagine we will have it soon. I’ve seen October 11th thrown around a lot so I’m thinking that’s the accurate date.
I'm a relatively casual fan of this show but always find myself coming back to it when I need a pick me up.

The sort of 'anti-Skins' and juvenile way of showing teenagers developing feelings is just so pure, and it never tries to be too edgy or cool compared to most coming of age dramas.