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Heather Small (M People)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by stefchapman, Mar 19, 2008.

  1. I checked the version I had immediately and it is indeed the original.
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  2. Heard on Radio 2 today - it's ok. Accompanied by some rerecordings of Proud and Moving On Up

  3. I randomly came across her new album on iTunes, haven’t heard a peep about it, but it sounds pretty good! The reimagined How Can I Love You More is gorgeous.
  4. #21 in the midweeks
  5. I gave the first 5 songs a listen but, honestly, the M People tracks just sounded a bit lifeless and her new version of Proud is not good. I gave up on the rest.
  6. I like Heather solo and M People but just can't get interested in this at all.
  7. I'd rather see a new M People album or a new Heather album of original material. It almost feels like she's attempting to erase that M People were ever a thing and it was all her.
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  8. What has happened to her voice , its like it stop and starts it didnt seem to sound like this a few years ago
  9. Homophobic karma
  10. I loved M People in the 90s (especially Elegantly Slumming) but Heather solo holds little interest to me. Just bury the hatchet with the boys and headline some decent sized venues if all that matters is the coin. Nobody needs these “new” inferior versions #grumpyoldmanalert
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  11. What is the beef between her and the band?
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  12. Wasn't the album #1 on iTunes at one point? It ended up at #58 on the official chart.
  13. I agree, they are not good versions at all. It’s a very pointless release
  14. You don’t need to sell many copies to get to #1 on the iTunes chart. #58 though? That’s tough.
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  15. #58 is pretty bad. But who really wants new versions of these songs when they are inferior to the originals?
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  16. I took a listen to the previews on iTunes yesterday and they sound so anaemic.
  17. Question for anyone who may have the answer without me spending a day cross-checking on discogs....

    I've got the M People boxset (Renaissance)....it's got bonus discs of remixes/edits from each era, but how many of the mixes/tracks from the CD singles aren't included?

    Does the boxset make the CD singles redundant?
  18. I think Gold has some remixes that aren't on the boxset. Between the two there can't be much missing.
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  19. To be fair, she made it to #9 on the Sales, Physical and Download charts. Unless you've got a big enough fanbase to get top 3 on sales, streams really hurt.
  20. Oh, I forgot about Gold! I have that too.
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