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Heaven Is a Rate on Earth. The Belinda Carlisle Rate. Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth?

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by VivaForever, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Fixed it.
  2. Aw, Love Doesn't Live here should have stuck around a bit longer.
  3. [​IMG]

    39. Nobody Owns Me - 7.38
    Heaven on Earth

    Highest score: 10 (@Untitled)
    Lowest score: 4 (@Cundy)​

    At least we can take some consolation in Fool for Love taking its rightful place as the high point of the trilogy? Small blessings. Still, this and We Can Change should have outlasted Should I Let You In, World Without You, and yes, Circle in the Sand (sorry @Untitled and @pop3blow2).

    Nobody Owns Me was written by Charlotte with Mark Holden (also her co-writer on Should I Let You In) and Clyde Lieberman (IDKH). It's a bit more rock than the preceding tracks on side B - or side A, for that matter - which is why I think it makes such a great conclusion to the trilogy. And it does really need a slowie after it to close out the album, but oh, how I wish they'd have done one better than Love Never Dies. Admittedly, opening a song by saying, "Nobody owns me / I don't wanna be anybody's fool" immediately after a song whose chorus goes "If I'm a fool for love, I don't care, I don't care!" is a bit of an odd choice, but it's actually never bothered me.

    "The guitar solo is everything," says @Hudweiser (8.5), and he's not wrong.

    "I love it when Belinda pushes herself vocally and we get that almost rasp to her voice," says @bonnieetclyde (8). "She presents the track with pure conviction."

    "Another amazing pop/rock song, another single-worthy song- great guitar solo-love the final ‘nobody but youuuuuuuu…’" notes @CasperFan (8).

    "Scalp me with that blazing guitar!" cries @Seventeen Days (8.5). "The hard rock edge on this one feels like a nod to Belinda’s early days in the LA punk scene."

    @unnameable's (7) good for a chuckle, as usual. "Enjoyable, but makes me think 'Well, actually the record company owns your image, your coke dealer owns your soul...' and then I try to forget Belinda’s biography."

    And finally, high scorer and noted Heaven on Earth stan @Untitled (10) tells us, "The lyrics are of their time, but being decidedly 80s works in the favour of the rest. There's such an archaic headbang-inviting rush to it."

  4. Fool for Love is the only album track from Heaven that I really love, so not sad to see this one out.
  5. giphy-5.gif
  6. Circle in the Sand is my least favourite big hit of hers.

    It strikes no chords for me at all.
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  7. Well, well, well.

    38. Shades of Michelangelo - 7.42
    Runaway Horses

    Highest score: 10 (@tylerc904)
    Lowest score: 4 (@Hatbar)​

    Really, was there any doubt that this would be the first song out from Fugitive Equines? I'm honestly impressed it lasted this long, given its status as the butt of every joke in the Belinda fandom. Shades of Michelangelo served as the B-side to Leave a Light On... and Summer Rain... and (We Want) The Same Thing, tying it with Only a Dream as the most-used B(elinda)-side.

    The first sign that it was about to make the rounds on Belinda's latter-day compilations was its bizarre inclusion on Universal's 2013 budget release Icon, alongside a bunch of, you know, actual hit singles (and Sun). I have just learned that it previously appeared on a dodgy UAE bootleg comp called Greatest Hits of Belinda Carlisle, but at least that one a) was a bootleg, and b) also included other album tracks. Following Demon's takeover of Belinda's catalogue, it was included on the download compilation Greatest Volume 1 - which actually did have a Volume 2! - but wasn't included on the CD version of Greatest, combining the two volumes. It didn't make it onto The Collection, but did appear on The Very Best of Belinda Carlisle (again alongside several other album tracks).

    So maybe it's not quite as ubiquitous as we've all led ourselves to believe, but I think we can trace our awed disbelief back to Icon, which at only 11 tracks included it at the expense of actual singles World Without You, I Feel Free, and Love Never Dies. (Or, in fact, anything from Real, though I'm guessing that was a licensing issue, since Real was released on Virgin in the US rather than MCA, and in 2011 EMI still existed and owned Virgin.) Though maybe the joke's on us considering that Shades is easily better than two of those three, and hardly worse than World.

    Why the constant use? Well, common wisdom is that it's thanks to the song's writers: Mmes. Charlotte Caffey and Belinda Carlisle. It's one of only three songs from Belinda's MCA years that she co-wrote, the other two being Little Black Book and Loneliness Game. So the theory goes that she's requested its inclusion on the various B-sides and compilations in order to make a few spare dollars off the royalties. Now while that works as an explanation for the B-sides, since the other two hadn't been made yet, it doesn't explain their recent inclusions on the compilations, since Little Black Book was actually a single. Maybe Belinda was feeling really particular and wanted Shades instead since she'd only have to split the royalties with one person instead of two?

    Anyway, one of the most annoying parts of the song for me is that it's constantly misspelled as Shades of Michaelangelo, which is one of my top misspelled-name bugaboos. I also dislike the pronunciation of his name as "Michael-Angelo" instead of "Mickle-Angelo," à la Kylie.

    No one really hates this song, but it's not hard to split them into groups, so in a nod to @pop3blow2's Mandy rate...

    a fading sky (0 - 5.9)

    "After such an amazing album it fizzles out with the never ending Shades. Nice enough but nowt special."
    @Hatbar (4)

    "It’s alright, but the entire RH album is about tracks 1-8." – @Hudweiser (5.5)

    a seed of hope (6 - 8.9)

    "I always like this song more than I think I do whenever I listen to it, think it’s gonna be boring but the chorus is quite gorgeous. Still probably the weakest song on the album but it’s still a top tune-could do with the last minute or so chopped off from it though!" – @CasperFan (7.5)

    "Very pretty track. I like the way it builds up in the middle, but maintains a steady calm pace at the beginning/end." – @Seventeen Days (8.5)

    "Great song title firstly. A beautiful closing to the album with some lovely lyrical imagery going on: 'Against a fading sky, with a stroke of love, on the canvas of my soul'. I find the melody a little weak though, compared to some of the stronger tracks on the record." – @bonnieetclyde (8.5)

    a perfect world (9 - 11)

    "The one non-perfect song on this album, I can’t understand the hate on the internet for this song. Yes, it’s a running joke that every greatest hits collection seems to feature it, but it’s a lovely song so it deserves inclusion." – @unnameable (9)

    "Should have been a minute shorter but I really do stan this permanent b-side/compilation staple in all it's dentist waiting room soundtrack glory." – @tylerc904 (10)

  8. Same. I heard it in the grocery store once and I bopped, but it was more because I was excited to hear Belinda than anything. I never seek it out, except once in a while to confirm that I still don't love it.
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  9. Complete opposite for me. It'd probably be on my list of my top 100 favorite songs of all time. I feel like I might be outnumbered in this rate, though... so I feel like it might leave sooner than later. *sigh*
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  10. Oh?
    My goodness, it's already "eliminate our first 11" o'clock.
    Whose will it be?

    I'm sorry sis @əʊæ...

    37. Should I Let You In? - 7.43
    Heaven on Earth

    Highest score: 11 (@Untitled d/b/a @əʊæ) / 10 (@Hatbar)
    Lowest score: 5 x 2 (me, @unnameable)​

    Having survived for quite a while with only one song out, Heaven on Earth has been having a bit of a rough time lately. Not AWAAM levels of rough, of course, because at least you people aren't quite that devoid of taste, but it does seem a bit sudden, no? Well, Runaway Horses is obviously going to tumble out of here at some point - that's not even a spoiler, because it accounts for exactly one fourth of what's left now and has only lost one song, so mathematically its losses are bound to start coming faster.

    But back to the matter at hand, as I stated earlier, Should I Let You In? was written by Charlotte with Mark Holden. I still don't know her, but apparently she's "an Australian singer, actor, TV personality, record producer, songwriter, and barrister" (coming for Alexander Bard's multi-career crown!) who had a few hits there in the 70s and subsequently "was one of three original judges on the TV series Australian Idol (2003–07) and the first season (2005) of The X Factor." Thank you, Wikipeddddddia.

    As my score implies, I've always found it... just fine. Like Circle, Free, and World Without You, it leaves me with no fondness at all. Hence why I say that if you just swapped out Love Never Dies for Heaven, side B of the album would be the perfect Belindexperience.

    You know what? I like the format of the last post. Let's keep with it. Cheers, @pop3blow2.

    curtains drawn (0 - 5.9)

    "plods a bit" – @unnameable (5)

    my far from perfect place (6 - 8.9)

    "Belinda’s vocals and parts of the instrumental structure sound slightly similar to a song she did with the Go-Go’s called You Thought. It’s one of my favorite Go-Go’s tracks, so this is definitely working for me."
    @Seventeen Days (7)... Go-Go's comparison = shot!

    "This is very solid, but I do have to say it pales in comparison with the three songs that precede it. She sounds fucking fantastic during those ad-libs in the chorus, but the production can be a bit Bon Jovi."
    @Remorque (7.5)... Bon Jovi mention = another shot!

    "…into my haus…" – @Hudweiser (7.5)

    "A good album track, catchy and just skips along." – @CasperFan (6.5)

    "I don't find the chorus particuarly strong and lyrically it's basic. Those guitars are catchy as hell though and it's a bit of sing-along track regardless." – @bonnieetclyde (8.5)... RuPaul voice: You're basic!

    into my heart (9 - 11)

    "She sounds amazing on this gem and it was great to hear her belt it out on tour." – @Hatbar (10)

    "On first listen this felt instantly familiar - like something you've heard on the radio an eternity ago, but the chorus still gets lodged in your brain from time to time. And damn, that desperate attack of a vocal performance, the rootsy feel is exactly what I live for. Scream at me, Mom!!!!!!!!" – @Untitled (11)

    At this point, please feel free to pity @əʊæ and/or heave a sigh of relief, as we won't eliminate our next 11 until 22nd place.

    Three 10's, however, will be leaving us tomorrow in the space of two eliminations. One of them mine. Of course.

  11. Whattttt
  12. Nobody Owns Me is a bop, but the lyrics are a bit weird to listen to in 2019.
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  13. It's funny, Circle in the Sand is my mom's favorite Belinda song but it is also my least favorite of her US hits (I know she only had 5).
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  14. Suddenly the Cosmic Collins is me! Oh well! At least now I can disinvest and watch the results unfold emotionlessly. And man, this may be a heathen opinion, but I don't even remember half the songs on Live Your Life Be Free and Runaway Horses.

    Oh, and Circle In The Sand definitely deserves Top 10, if not 5! My mother hates it, just like every Belinda song aside from Leave a Light On.
  15. Please tell your mom to get taste.
    I don’t think you bombed any of them so I’ll let this pass.
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  16. Shades is lovely. It certainly shouldn't be the first song out from Horses, but I'm guessing its tempo damned it over the inferior likes of Deep Deep Ocean and Whatever It Takes. (Hell, I even prefer it to the album version The Same Thing).

    I'm really not a fan of Heaven On Earth. Even the singles are some of my lesser favourites from her career (Circle aside), and most of those album tracks just melt together into a homogenous slop of California-bore-rock. Only Fool For Love sets itself apart for me, and it's the only album track I care for.
  17. Well, I'm fearful for Circle in the Sand now...
  18. Sand just never really gets anywhere as a song - no huge joyous chorus or belting part. It's a very chilled song, which is why I was always surprised it was so big.

    It also reminds me of the VH1 "VJ" who referred to her as "Belinda Car-liz-lee" after playing it one time.
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  19. I look forward to Shades Of Michaelangelo appearing, and being ignored, at least 4 more times in this rate.
  20. Sic 'em @tylerc904.
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